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Lumiere Tales

There exists a lot of uncertainty in music and for me one of the aspects which I find to be most certain is that electronic music and acoustic music are opposites of each other.    Taking something like an acoustic guitar and trying to mix the sound with something electronic such as a keyboard or synth can often prove to be challenging.   However, on the EP "Lunarium", Lumiere Tales seems to find that balance rather well and just makes it work to a way in which I begin to wonder what the sound truly is.

This one opens up with beats, acoustic guitar strums and ahhhh's singing not any words and there is just an overall mystical quality about it.   A nice pulsating beat comes from underneath it all and I'm left thinking about how much this sounds like something you would find out in nature, the middle of nowhere with no big city sounds around for miles, and yet you can also just hear the certain levels of technology in here as well.   It truly is electronic and ambient at the same time.

"Evening Star" begins with this hissing like crickets or some sort of insect and there are these darker acoustics coming through mixed with the lighter cloud tones which remind me of some kind of fun song but I can't think too deeply upon it as every time I'm just taken aback by how well this light and dark seem to mix here.   It kicks in faster paced and gets a little bit lighter before going into the titular track which introduces the flute to this EP.   For some reason, this song really reminds me of an instrumental/electronic cover of "My Heart Will Go On" at first, but with more listens that notion fades.

That flute can also be heard in the song "Morning", which has beats that pick up and somehow this makes me feel like I'm listening to chiptune music but in an acoustic way.  I'm not sure how that's possibly or what it means (How do you unplug the digital?) but it's what I'm hearing and it's left me in awe and wonder.

Those ah's come through almost like laughing to begin "Precious Memories".   Between these last two songs I begin to think of the holidays and am not sure why until I make the connection that this kicks in with the guitar and begins to resemble Trans Siberian Orchestra on some level. 

Overall this music is calming, but by the end you can feel a sense of urgency.   It's dark and it's light at the same time.   It's loud and it's soft.  It's electronic and it's acoustic.   These are things that, by being opposites of each other, should not be possible and yet here we are.  Somewhere between being lost in the woods and "The X-Files", but such a pleasant place to be nonetheless.


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