Cassette Review //
"Get Your Ducks in a Row With Facenag" //

This is definitely one of the weirder cassettes I've heard and not just in the sense of weird rock cassettes either.   Though it can be defined as "weird rock" it has that energy on the first song of a carousel with dueling vocals.    Those organ tones really set the mood and then the second song takes on more of a Deerhoof type of vibe with a blaring horn and what sounds like "Finish her!" being sung with such energy.

The vocals here are alternating between Ingrid Johansson and Peter Larsson on the first track, the second track is only Ingrid Johansson and by the third we get a TMBG type of song with vocals only by Peter Larsson.   But, to say this sounds like TMBG is mostly just a way of comparing this with something you might have heard before because the actual sound is pretty out there.

Sometimes this sounds like Be Your Own Pet.   There is a big discussion of "Who invented baloney?" and that's kind of fun but something I never really thought about.  The lyrics seem to be in that way though: they're nonsense when pulled out line by line, in some way, but when coupled together they make sense, at least possibly to whoever wrote them.   This reminds me a bit of Pollens as well.

On the flip side we open with more of a jive song about being, as the title says, "Dead in a Hole" and this is made quite clear in the lyrics as well.    It might sound strange but this sounds like the type of song you might have heard back during "School House Rock", in that way that as they're singing it seems like they should also be teaching.

By the second to last song, the voice of Peter Larsson begins to crack and it can remind me of Gir to some extent.    Also, this is another song where they say the title in it as the chorus of sorts and at the end of the song they even cry!    "Sleep In On The Highway" ends this cassette with a sound which feels like a lullaby floating around on bubbles.  I also hear this horn which sounds like a sax but the linear notes only say trumpet and flute so kudos on that masking as well.


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