Cassette Review //
Cop Funeral
(Already Dead Tapes)

$6 //
Edition of 150 // //

The record touches the needle and we begin with a sound of operatic singing.  (That is the record on the cassette, don't get confused)   Deep drone comes through in waves.    It crackles and builds.    Slowly, the distortion begins to sludge, like we're stepping our boots into muddy puddles.   A faster pulse now ties it all together.    This turns into a whirlwind of distortion now, a real storm.    The distorted beats somehow calm and fade.

A soft gallop starts now.   This has become this sort of lullaby now, a slow back and forth, rocking out at sea.    Notes come through now like doom.    It kind of sounds warped now, like the soundtrack to an indie film that went through the ringer.    For some reason this reminds me of the airport now, being out on the tarmac with the planes. 

Urgency brings out lightning crash and we're into a scary movie now.   This is when it gets real and everyone kind of realizes they're in trouble.   This distortion just cuts through in its drone form, like wave destroying everything in its path.   It feels so somber yet somehow so destructive.
As frequency changes come twisting through there are solemn piano keys to accompany them.    The chaos and the still.   Beats take over now and this has an instrumental hip hop vibe to it which makes me want to drive at night.    Everything feels like it's taking off now.   Just... floating and flying away.   This engine feels like it revs and revs and revs until it just stops.

A warped sense of a dying symphony kicks things off on the flip side.   Then this gentle lullaby type tone comes into the background before a soft engine purr.    As it begins to drone, it begins to glisten and it can feel as if we're floating either in the ocean or the sky (and we are left to ponder what is the difference)    A distorted flow now is covered by notes which can sound like piano keys to some post rock indie film soundtrack.    As it winds up, it then winds down and becomes some sort of video game synth like "Pole Position".

The tones whirr in and out now, driving and sounding more like Doctor Who.    There is this siren-like feeling to it which makes it when played loudly enough something you would get out of the way for.   Louder distortion, coming through as this cloud, quiets everything down now and we're at minimal beeps, tings even.   Scratchy and sharp now, I'm beginning to hear a little bit of that Jay Peele glass in here.   It's just becoming so harsh in the sharpness.    It all just builds and then just ends abruptly.

Singing comes through now with ominous whirrs behind it.   A little bit of sharpness.   The singing subsides and we're into this dark and wavy place now.    There exists this wavy trance and then these solemn beeps come through and this whole ride right now just feels so hypnotic.    As it feels like someone is going to speak, it has these almost hidden tones come through as it reaches the final end of the cassette in such a peaceful yet destructive way.


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