Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Music Review //
Tribal House Crew
"Afro Acid"



Tribal House Crew has created a song here called "Afro Acid" and along with the original version of it there are two other mixes.   The song starts off right away with this driving bass line.   It's fast paced but in the way that it makes you want to move like "Run Lola Run" or "Alias".   In many ways, it just feels like we're being timed and time is running out.  There is a nice sound of percussion in here as well and before it all ends there are words which can be heard, perhaps as an audio clip.

The second track is the "Extended Mix" and it somehow becomes more fun, with elements that make it pop.    As opposed to the pressure felt in the original, this version just feels more lighthearted and rather than trying to run and beat out the clock there is more of a dance club vibe here, like "Go", and in that sense it feels more inviting.   It also maintains most elements of the original but also can feel like its own song with the claps and everything.

By the time we hit the Charlie D Mix, that driving bass line is gone and this song has become full on electronica.  As the three songs go from start to finish it really feels as if they get a little less intense with each note, as if they become more care-free and can be more centered around something which doesn't feel as life or death as the first song, the original.

While this could serve as a cassingle back in the day, I'd actually not be surprised if I was told that this was a CD maxi-single which contained all three songs and was out there in the 1990's with Pearl Jam releasing all of those b-sides.   Overall, if you listen to all three versions in a row while doing something it can also blend into one giant song and that is not a bad thing because it just keeps you going.

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