Thursday, March 31, 2022

Music Review //

The entire idea of "Nixon-Manson" is fascinating to me because I wasn't yet born during the time which all of it was happening but it always has just felt like something within reach and so someone out there must know of the connections between Richard Nixon and Charles Manson.   It's one of those conspiracy theories that I'm fully invested in because it feels like someone who knows more than they are telling is still alive or maybe they've died and one of their next of kin will come out with some truth.

With darkness and distorted guitars, Cosmopolis creates a sound which is a little bit trippy and at the same time can bring out vibes of an artist such as Urge Overkill or perhaps someone from "The Basketball Diaries" soundtrack.  This is a really calm song in a way if you just put it on while not paying too close attention to the lyrics; you can just sort of space out.    But you really should be paying close attention to these lyrics.

Throughout the music video there are movements, such as going through a city with shots of a train and buildings as we travel down the road.  There are also scenes of musicians playing their instruments along with the song.  What is interesting to me though is that a portion of the video feels like it is just dark, with the shadows you just cannot see fully, and that feels like a reference to the fact that something about this conspiracy has left us all in the dark.

In that slow, almost shoegaze but also darkwave type of way, Cosmopolis has created a song which would be worth listening to even if it were about anything else.   The fact that it seems to pry and push for answers to unresolved questions- which should be within reach- just makes it that much more valuable to society while at the same time just being a kick ass song.

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