Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Music Review //
Ryders Blü
"As Long As I Got You Babe"


Right away, when pressing play on this song by Ryders Blü you can hear the starts and stops of the guitars combined with the beats to just make for a fantastic ride.  While Ryders Blü can remind me of that type of music which is rock but also very much pop, perhaps the best part of this song as well is that when I'm thinking of similar artists I think about those bands who were once on the radio but have not been for a while.  Names such as Plain White T's and Snow Patrol come to mind.

With the driving force, "As Long As I Got You Babe" comes in with a style that can seemingly hook anyone.  It is pop at its core because this is the type of song that could be played in public and not only would people not complain but they might even start dancing.  It's a nice little groove to be surprised by while waiting in line at the store.  But in any social situation, where other people are around, this is a great song to put on and have those other people ask you who it is, making them want to add it to their playlists and perhaps even listen to more songs by Ryders Blü.

The idea within the lyrics is similar to that song by Sonny and Cher, which the title should remind you of, and it is just that it is nice to have that consistency in your life.  The "Babe" in the title could refer to any number of things- it doesn't always have to be human but could be a companion animal such as a dog or cat.  The world can be a crazy and hectic place so having that comfort of stability is often times a nice thing to fall back on.

While there are many reasons to listen to this song by Ryders Blü, one of them is also the overall energy of it.  Not only is it that fast paced pop song but it also should make you want to get up and move, to dance.   In that regard, if you were to be doing something active and needed that inspiration this song should also be used to get you moving whether working out, cleaning, driving, etc.   Overall, Ryders Blü has just created an influential song in both a lyrical and musical way. 

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