Friday, March 25, 2022

Music Review //
Francisco Martin
"Nobody Listens To Me!"

Coming out of the global pandemic in 2020 (even though we're largely still in it) it was expected that it would cause this specific type of music because everyone was mostly stuck inside.  One aspect I hadn't considered, however, and something which I feel like even I'm still holding onto but didn't realize until hearing this song by Francisco Martin is the simple fact that there were a lot of emotions- a lot to process- in 2020 and it just feels like we didn't have that time to properly address that, which this song does.

Right away the line "Cause 2020 fucked me up" hits me like a ton of bricks, I just feel a heaviness in my chest.  At some point in time, you either have or will reach a point where the pandemic no longer feels as bad because you'll be asked to go back to work or to school, something closer to what was normal before.  We didn't really get a chance to stop and reflect, to vent and say "Wow, that time really did a number on me".  For the sake of all human kind I feel like we really need to all take a month or so off and just talk with each other so we can feel heard and in a way moving on feels like grieving.

The musical style of Francisco Martin on "Nobody Listens To Me!" ranges from pop to pop punk, somewhere in between Wheatus and the All-American Rejects.    Big guitar chords that start and stop, this song could be radio friendly if not for the lyrics going against the FCC.    The video stays still except for the face shifting in a blurry way and this is a nice effect because with lines like "I don't want to have to do this any more" it feels like a lot of people have come out of the pandemic with a new outlook on life, new priorities.

It's so weird to me to think that we've collectively gone through this event together, all of us, and yet now so many people just seem so content to get back to work, to do what they did before instead of finding a renewed sense of life.   Francisco Martin has the right idea with this song and it is something which I feel needs to be addressed not just through this song but on a much larger scale, to create some kind of day of reflection to remember the pandemic, how we felt in it and how we feel getting out of it.  But, alas, we can only go forward.  

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