Tuesday, March 22, 2022

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When listening to the music of Perry, there is a sound of jazz and overall it also just carries this upbeat feeling with it, none of the songs really ever getting sad.   It is certainly a delight to listen to with no slowing down, so you can put this on and take a walk through your neighborhood, clean your house or just in general for a conversation piece at a party.  Though the instrumental songs have leads with such instruments as piano keys and horns, there are other elements in here which really have the sound expanding.

On the first song, for example, there are synths and a sweet guitar solo which makes me think of Santana.   The second song- "Dinner Table"- has an audio sample of someone saying what sounds like the word "hot" over and over (almost too much) and then a woman goes "uuhhhhh" while a flute plays.   This is definitely one of the most bizarre songs on the album but it settles down after that.   "Baby Making Music" has that smooth sax but I'm not sure if the sound lives up to the title or if I was just expecting something more from the 1970's.  

With starts and stops, "Maximize" has keys and is just chill.  "I Like What You Do" has big, funky, distorted bass lines and horns as well, putting into this electro-jazz genre that I haven't quite heard a lot of but am rather impressed with.   "Criss Cross" has smooth sax leads, which feels more traditional, and then on "Hot Sake" we find laser blips and horns which make a sound more like a video game, which can also be an underlying theme on this album.

The final song is called "Finale" and it's not too long, more of an outro, and it just sounds like it's taking us away.  Overall this album just really has a sound of upbeat jazz, but jazz itself can be such a broad term.  There is perhaps more of a modern way about this jazz than what you might hear in a traditional sense, but I also feel like that's just also Perry taking the sound and turning into something to call their own.

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