Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Music Review //
Arnab Sengupta
"This Way"

Having a lyric video for "This Way" by Arnab Sengupta feels far too appropriate because at times the amount of words coming out at one time during this song can feel overwhelming, so being able to see them while also hearing them is helpful.   With a light, pop rock type of feel, Arnab Sengupta embraces a style of music that isn't really found on radio stations today but can be traced back to the likes of The Bee Gees and James Taylor.

Within this video there is a sphere which changes shapes and that makes me think about the laser light shows from the 1980's.   Arnab Sengupta has a powerful voice.  At one point, this song drifts off into a guitar part, which is a little bit trippy.  Later on though, it grooves off into a sax solo and that just emphasizes the various tempo changes throughout this song, making it feel more like a mini-album.

The lyrics on this song are perhaps best to be taken how the listener best sees fit.  "This way / You gonna look at you now" is the hook and what it means exactly should best be left to you to decide.  Why are you going to look at you now and how are you going to look at you now?  For me, it feels like the songs is about a lot of inner reflection.  There are moments where it touches on the views of life from others but it seems like now it's time to live life for yourself and find out who you really are.

This also comes out in the line: "The face in the mirror keeps changing", as sometimes we present ourselves differently depending upon where we are and who we are around.   In that sense, this song just really feels like it's about taking the time to find out who you want to be and who you are, not listening to other peoples visions for you and just doing it for yourself.  If any of the quotes you can pull from these lyrics help you along that journey then this song has done what it was meant to do.


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