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Porter Block
"Say Something Nice"

The look and sound of "Say Something Nice" reminds me of that Phil Collins era of Genesis when they were doing songs such as "I Can't Dance".   There is a strong vibe of the 1980's/early 1990's with the way the music video feels layered- early MTV days- and that takes me back and just really miss music videos being on the tv when I woke up in the morning before school rather than feeling like I have to track them down myself.

While this song is mostly optimistic, I always like to look for those little hidden secrets inside.   One of example of this is simply the line: "There's nothing I like about me"  This is something which I often feel and so when in the chorus he asks "Say something nice about me" I feel like I'd rather have people saying nice things about me than mean things but I've been one to know how to take a compliment.  I have that conflict where I want people to say nice things but then if they do I am not sure how to act.

At the same time, this song can be flipped as you sing it but are also the listener.   As much as you would like for someone to say something nice about, think about this song in the way in which you would say something nice about Porter Block.  There are many theories about kindness but I've always felt as if it is just as easy (if not easier) to say something nice about someone as it is to say something mean but if you say something nice you also have that reward of making someone feel happy rather than if you say something mean and then potentially go into too long of a time defending yourself.

"Say Something Nice" is an upbeat song which feels  a little bit trippy at times- especially with the music video swirling- but it still should be played at any given chance.  This song is a conversation starter.  It a means for people to say nice things, which can hopefully lead to more people doing nicer things and then the whole world just becomes a nicer place.  It is so much better to spread joy than sorrow and by listening to this Porter Block song, by putting the video on at your party, you can help to spread a little bit of that niceness.  


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