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"We Are Getters" //

Having lived in Houston, Texas for most of the early '00's, I feel a special connection with Getters, who are also from there.  Though I only lived there briefly compared to those who spend their whole lives there I explored the music scene enough to know that if you're looking for one of the most diverse places for music Houston is the place to be.  It's not even just that they have some of the best rappers, rockers and everything in between but they have artists out there creating their own style: paving the way for others.

Getters is no exception to that.  The melodic dreamy style of their sound is heavily distorted but I struggle to put it into any genre that ends with -gaze or -wave.   On one hand, there are some less traditional approaches to the verse/style/verse construct of music and for that I think it might be appropriate to place Getters alongside artists such as Gatsbys American Dream and Portugal. The Man (the early years)  But there is also this way where if Getters were just a little bit more pop, such as on the song "Paint Thinner", they could be compared with Neon Trees.

Through elements which might remind me of Blur I am also taken back to a time when Tooth & Nail seemingly ruled my musical worlds.   Bands like mae, Anberlin and Waking Ashland all come to mind as I feel like Getters would have easily fit in well with that crowd but not sounding like any of them specifically.  It was a time when many artists were coming up on the same label and they all felt tied together but also you could pick out their song on a compilation.  I really miss those days, but Getters seems to be taking us back to them.

With lyrics such as "Am I just dreaming because everyone is woke?" you really should be listening closely, even if the distortion can seemingly make you space out.  I'm hesitant to call this future rock because I feel like that existed in the 1980's/1990's and had a very specific fashion sense (and they did The Robot) but this is that type of sound which just doesn't rely heavily on the past for influences, doesn't sound similar to anything out there right now that I've heard and so I can only assume in three or five years other bands will follow suit and sound like Getters.  Fortunately for you, they are available to listen to right now. 


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