Music Review //
Delyn Grey
"Daddy's Love"


Right away, I love the sound of Delyn Grey.  When you have this largely guitar-based rock sound that I can't quite put my finger on, odds are I'm going to play it loudly and thoroughly enjoy it.   Artists like Evanescence, The Courtesans and PJ Harvey come to mind right away but it's just the way these distorted melodies rock which create a sound I feel is unique to Delyn Grey.  This is a definite case of the artist combining their own influences (including some which I can't place) and adding their own twist to it.

The music video provides an interesting angle for this song.  We see Delyn Grey tied to a chair, bag over head and it feels like she is about to be tortured.  And yet, with her face looking beaten up, her hands bloody, there are still scenes where she is playing the guitar and singing her song.  This paints that picture of someone being held down, silenced and yet they still got back up, found a way to overcome the odds and do what they felt was right and made them happy.  We should all have such a strong will after listening to this song.

Lyrically, the idea in this song (hence the title) is: "Drain me of all / It ain't gonna replace the love that your daddy never gave you"  While this may seem like something that one can overlook as "Well, I have a good relationship with my dad", within the context of the verses it can be revealed as something more than a literal take.  That idea of "daddy's love" can be any number of things, whatever is missing in your life that makes it so you feel the need to cut other people down instead of trying to help build them up.

There are a lot of layers to this song.  Whether you have been bullied online (and we all know that online trolls are everywhere) or somehow scarred in real life, I think you can find a way to listen to this song and come to the realization that you are not broken- the person who did this to you is broken.  Hearing that over the sounds of these dark guitars is perhaps the best way which I can think of to go about it.