Music Review //
Les Techno
"In The Sunshine"
(Solid Bass Records)

Music can often be about the mood as much as it is about the genre in which you might place it.   While listening to "In The Sunshine" I can feel like there is a definite mood to this song- which the lyrics also suggest- but the sound which goes with it might not be along those same lines.  I am generally a fan of music which has a happy sound to it but feels the opposite (such as Poppy) but this doesn't even have that type of contrast-- it's something new to me.

On one hand, the sound of music being played by Les Techno is guitar driven.  You can really hear the guitar more than anything throughout this entire song.  There is this genre I want to put it in somewhere between shoegaze, post punk and new wave.  But the sound really feels more like an attitude.  It's from the time of the 1980's when music was still on MTV.  I imagine shorter hair with the sunglasses and leather jacket look.   It's not mod but it has these rock underscores which you must hear to believe.

At the same time, as the title suggest, this song is about sunshine.  There is a line I particularly like that says: "I'm dreaming of a hayfield in the sunshine / where I'm gazing at the flowers in your hair"  This has an overall sunny, summer type of feeling to it.  Lyrically, it could be a song by the Beach Boys, for example, or just a band who wants to have that party hit of the summer where you're at the beach.  

This summer so far has been filled with quite a bit of rain.  There has been some days of a heatwave as well, so it's kind of funny because the weather makes me think about this song.  On one hand, the music kind of makes you want to stay indoors on those rainy summer days.  But then the lyrics make you want to go out and keep cool during the heatwave.  When you combine them, well, that's what summer has been like so far here and it just feels like such a smooth contrast that everyone should be singing along.