Music Review //
Chris Kabs
"More Than A Number"

The music of Chris Kabs has a smooth jazz feel to it.   It can fall into that area of music that isn't quite R&B or hip hop, but closer to the jazz side, yet could still fit in with R&B and hip hop.  I think about artists such as Arrested Development, De La Soul and of course A Tribe Called Quest.   There is an undeniable energy to this song as well, which can make you want to get up and move to it but I'm not sure if dancing is the right action.

Throughout this video, throughout these words and even in the title you can begin to see what this song is about.   There are people out there who are not going to like this song because of its content.   Trust me: they have the "All Lives Matter" and blue line flag stickers on their pick up trucks.  Some people might even get upset just because I'm writing about this song, but if this upsets you on any level there is a chance you are in fact racist and should really do some looking in the mirror if you think that you are not.

I know a lot of people are going to think about this song and relate it back to last year with the Black Lives Matter movement really taking off.  You'll hear names like George Floyd but I still think we haven't even seen justice for Breonna Taylor.  Now here's the real kicker.  People think this song is about cops shooting black people because of one incident last year don't realize that this is a pattern-- this happens far too often and it has gone on for far too long.  Just because the mainstream media stops talking about names like Sandra Bland doesn't mean that I've forgotten them and neither should you.

Chris Kabs brings up the important point in this song: "Weren't they supposed to protect us / But they're shooting us".   As an officer of the law, I would assume that shooting and killing someone would be your last resort and if it had come to that then you have, in some way, failed at your job.  Police officers are supposed to protect not just go out and shoot everyone they see as a threat.  I hope something changes within this country and we can use the way other countries handle such circumstances as an example.   Perhaps this song will also set us in the right direction.  


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