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David G Buckley

Upon hearing this song I really had to look up what the word "Boomshot" meant.  It seems like it can be taken in context to mean any number of things, but it also feels like it could mean something much deeper, much darker.  The dictionary defines it based around television or film and I'm not sure if that connects with this song exactly so I feel like that definition might be off.  I go from the actual dictionary and find what I'm looking for as the Urban Dictionary refers to a "boomshot" as a large explosive gun in video games.  This was the type of shot I was thinking of when I heard this song.

Through lyrics such as "It is the doom, the gloom of all the words unsaid" and "But all the complicated contexts form a sorrow that you hold" I feel as if this song has that deeper meaning with the boomshot being a way out of the darkness.  It's funny, but back in the 1990's when Reel Big Fish put out their song "Everything Sucks" I listened to it for years, sang along with it at shows and then finally, decades later, realized that the song was about suicide.  I just thought that he was going to get better and that's why you wouldn't hear him complain anymore.  

I feel that in this song as well.  It can seem like depression is holding someone back, but maybe the boomshot is just a push in the right direction to help someone keep going, to have someone reach out for help and get through this rather than end it all.  What is perhaps the most strange part of this song (which has always been something I've enjoyed) is how overly poppy and upbeat this song seems.  If you read the lyrics, you might relate it with Elliott Smith or The Cure.  But the song itself has acoustic guitars, horns and this overall feeling somewhere between Ben Folds and Nathan Leigh.  

While I have spent the majority of my life living with depression, this song by David G Buckley feels like a positive note to help someone going through something similar cope.  I hope that the positivity of the music can help someone turn their life around.  Think of the "Boomshot" as being something which inspires you, motivates you or just does whatever it takes to get you through whatever you're going through and see you to the other side.  The fact that this song is catchy as hell should also have i playing in your head enough- in a positive way- to keep you hanging on.  


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