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First in Flight

Whenever I hear this song and think about the skeletons I picture the scene from "The Karate Kid"- you know the one- and I think someone should set this song to a video of clips of that scene where Daniel gets beat up by Cobra Kai dressed as skeletons.  First in Flight bring a lot of energy in this song and of the many genres it can cross, punk can certainly be one of them.  This is a fun song and I think perhaps more than anything else it could also be heard as a party anthem- that song you put on when you're with a group of other people and you all just dance to it and sing along.

Different aspects of this song make me think of different artists.  The way it moves and feels a bit gothic makes me think of My Chemical Romance.  The way it can combine a keyboard with the fast paced rock makes me think of Scary Kids Scaring Kids.   The beats and guitar solos with that element of pop also make me think of Panic At The Disco and Fall Out Boy but I just feel like with these different layers and not just sticking with one sound throughout the song, First in Flight has created a mix of genres on their own.

Lyrically, this song really is about skeletons.  The chorus sings: "As the lights go down / Skeletons come out" and it makes me feel like this song is haunted.  What's funny to me is that if I typically hear a song of this nature I will think that it is a good Halloween song- I'll always hear it as being best played during Autumn rather than a summer jam at the beach.  But with First in Flight I do think this is a good song to play at your Halloween party, but it also can be played at the beach or anywhere at any time because it just has that presence about it that it can't be restricted by a certain period of time.

By the end there are whoa-oh's that you will likely find yourself singing along with.   There is just such a way about this song that I imagine First in Flight playing a show where no one is really familiar with their sound, maybe people are resting up against the wall and sitting at tables, but once they hear this song they all come together on the floor in front of the stage.   It feels like it can just lure people in with that "come join us" way and I definitely think you should join First in Flight and just play this song as often and as loudly as you possibly can.  



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