Music Review //
Walking Apollo
"You're My Pride And Joy, Etc."

Even though Walking Apollo is Buddy Taccolini, as he provides mostly all of the music and lyrics, right away on the first song- "Glowing in the Dark"- you can hear the vocals of Christina Rotondo.   What is interesting is not only do the vocals layer themselves on this first song, but the vocals of Christina Rolondo do appear again throughout the EP, which is nice because as they begin by themselves on the first two songs them come together on the third song, "Sew".

With primarily acoustic guitars there is also a large role for the harmonica within these songs.   The first song can remind me of That Dog but very few other artists, though I enjoy it immensely.   As the EP goes on, and during the second song as well, I can hear a bit of banjo and so that acoustic melody combined with the folk makes me think of a cross between John Denver and an artist from the 1990's who relied heavily on acoustic rock themes: names such as Tal Bachman and Deep Blue Something come to mind.

As "Sew" can come out a bit more sly I also begin to think of those acoustic rock bands such as Days of the New, who might not have been that good but this can be thought of as Walking Apollo taking that idea and making it better.  As it can begin to sound electric, there is an electric guitar solo within here as well.  This shifts on "Lovely People", which has more of a worship feel to it.  With lines such as "The love you give is the love that I need" it is definitely a love song with the love going to whomever you should choose.

What I really enjoy about this EP is that it has this sound which can be heard through each song but then is connected throughout the EP.   So on their own these songs are good, but when put into the context of the EP they make even more sense.   In their acoustic ways, they are a less-threatening version of someone such as Tenacious D and I just feel like these would go over well on rock radio and pop radio because of the way they can get stuck in your head.