Music Review //
Fintan McKahey
"Amber" //

When listening to Fintan McKahey, the sound always feels like something which is right on that verge of being on the radio when at the same time it just has these certain elements that make it pop music that might not be for everyone.  Hearing artists such as Blue October and Milky Chance within the song "Amber", Fintan McKahey has melodic acoustics which kick in to a cool outro at the end of the song.   

Though "Amber" begins softer and kicks in, the one part about this song which you might notice over other songs which sound similar is that for the last minute or so of this three minute song it is just music.  All that needs to be said within the lyrics is done within the first portion of the song and then it just sort of drifts out.  I'm not sure how that would play on the radio, but if it wasn't for that this could very easily be a mellow pop song on the radio.  I just prefer to listen to it and chill, radio or not, because of the speed at which it burns.

Much like the 311 song that this is not a cover of, it is revealed that "Amber" is not the name of a person but rather a color with the line "Those amber eyes".   Through the lyrics, the one line which seems to repeat the most is "Coz I've found I'm useless without you".   There are many messages music can convey and in this regard I feel like the song "Amber" is about needing someone else in your life.  That might be seen as codependency or some other bad trait but I feel like having people in your life to support you is a form of helping.

At the same time, this song could very easily be about someone who is not a person- a pet perhaps- and so if you want to be a bit more anti-social you could choose to think about this as being a song about your dog or cat.   As the music fades out it reminds me of The Cure but not quite as dark and these keys come in as well, just mixing up the sounds.   I really like this song because of that musical outro and I believe if you listen to you will find something which you like about it as well.  


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