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Okami Three
"Blue" //

One of the biggest factors in listening to a single is whether or not it has that quality which is just going to bring the listener in.  It's something I like to call the "stereo at a party test" because if you're somewhere and happen to hear a song come on is it going to fade into the background or are you going to wonder what it is and ask someone or look it up on your phone.   Okami Three passes this test as the song "Blue" immediately begins with these dark, acoustic sounding guitar notes which just loop hypnotic.

As the song "Blue" kicks in it gets heavy and can have a grunge way about it, but really it feels like some kind of cross between Better Than Ezra and what it might sound like if The Beatles were to have made a grunge song.  It's very much that slow moving, darker feel overall that makes you think when you're listening to it that it's also raining outside.  There is just a perfect way which this song reflects the weather and it just so happens to be the way in which most people think about the weather in Seattle.

The lyrics on "Blue" get a bit complicated even though when you're listening to them they might not seem so.   The titular line is "I turned blue when I saw you leave" but then later on you also find the line "And I had a dream I couldn't wait for you", which is somewhat sad because you want to be with the person but now you're not under your choosing.  There are also just ideas in this song such as "Broken stairway / To an empty room / As lonely as the moon" and that just feels like something you'd hear in those grunge era days, perhaps from an artist such as Bush.

What I like about the song "Blue" is that it's seductive.  The way it feels isn't too abrasive of threatening but it somehow still manages to sound as if there might be some hidden message in the background which has you wanting to listen to it on repeat.   I also really enjoy that this song has the vibes where it could become part of an album of other songs which could have rock elements ranging from Nirvana to Marcy Playground and I just would love to hear those as well.  


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