Music Review //
Stel Furet
"human nature machine" //

When Stel Furet begins this EP, there is this distinct sound of the guitar plus vocals which makes me feel like it is rock music with those elements of blues.   I like this right away because I feel like artists typically tend to push rock music to its limits in the sense of a classic rock way or they get heavy, but very few seem to want it to be mellow with that soul that Stel Furet has captured here.   

As the EP goes on, you can begin to hear keys throughout and up until the last song they seem to become a little bit more present.  At certain points can remind me of an artist such as Billy Joel or just the way that VH1 used to do "Storytellers", where someone would sit down and play their songs but also discuss them.  There is an overall feeling of an artist such as The Wallflowers but just that idea of someone singing these songs in the way which they tell a story without being purely storytelling is what should keep the listeners' attention.

Though the sound could be one of blues, more mellow and just overall not upbeat the lyrics aren't really that sad.   By "Next Tuesday" we find the lyrics repeated of: "I'll never cry again".  To this extent, I really do feel like when listening to this EP that these are songs not of heartbreak or loss directly but rather about what comes after that, which often times can be moving on.  In reality a lot of music can be healing but it takes you through certain steps of the process and this EP just seems to find those steps other often times avoid.

By the time we reach the end of this EP, the song "The Mirror" brings out these back up singers which can make it feel like a full on gospel song.    This is fitting because a lot of times music can feel like a religious experience but between the way these sounds will hypnotize you to the way the lyrics should be used as a guide to healing if you should happen to need it, it truly feels as if Stel Furet has created an instruction manual of sorts for life and you'd only possibly benefit from hearing it.