Music Review //
Ajay Mathur

Ajay Mathur has once again created a song which has a swirling peace to it.   This just feels like all around the type of song which you can put on and just instantly feel like you're in a good mood.   The sound of this song is the purest form of positivity.  And to that extent there is also the fact that the song is about the message that beauty isn't just skin deep and people should look towards what is on the inside of a person over their physical appearance.  I also think it's worth stating that what people find to be beautiful can be subjective.

While this music video seems to have a painted filter on it which at times can show the artist singing at other times it can show images of famous people who were known for things other than their physical appearance.   I find this aspect of the video fascinating because one of the women shown is Amelia Earhart.   I always think of Amelia Earhart as being someone brave enough to attempt to fly around the world and even though she ended up lost it makes you want to try and accomplish your dreams.  And yet at the same time, I never really stop and think about what she looked like.

With the way society has progressed and with social media especially I think there is more of an emphasis now than ever before on the physical appearance of someone.   This is really a shame because people shouldn't just be valued based upon their genetics but rather for their intelligence, art and other aspects which make them special.  I'm not sure if there is ever a way for us, as a society, to get past this idea because it has just been beaten into us so hard over the course of our lives.

To some extent it might seem like the context of this video- the idea that we should not be judged on how we appear physically- is a bit overdone and it has just been talked about too much.  But as long as there are people out there who are still pushing for a definition of beauty, a set of standards which we are to abide by, then I feel like this video is important and everyone who needs to hear it should.    This song is really that idea of good being put in the world to counteract the bad and Ajay Mathur should be awarded for it.  


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