Music Review //
Julia Pratt
"Tried and True" //

Right away, the hypnotic sounds of the piano come through on "Tried and True", bringing you right into the song so that you cannot escape it in the most wonderful of ways.   With the layered vocals at times feeling like they are quieter than other times it gives off the feelings of Alessia Cara, Flora Cash, SHAED and even Hozier.  The starts and stops make it even darker, as do the big beats which kick in.  

Perhaps one of my favorite parts of this song though is how heavy the lyrics are, when you take into consideration how they feel divided.  On one hand, there is the line: "I know that you're tired / of it all", which is not just a reflection on mental health but can relate to any number of situations in life.  For close to two years now we've been in a global pandemic so it's kind of easy to take your pick from what just seems to be exhausting you.

At the same time, there is the line: "I know that you tried", which makes me think about how closely related the words "tired" and "tried" are because trying can make you tired.  This just really puts the song in a different light though because sometimes we just need to hear- everyone does- that we have tried and we can't really expect different results so we need to move on, whether it be from a relationship, a job or whatever.  But having that validation of trying is gratifying.

When this song is about to end this big distorted guitar riff can be heard, just seemingly pulling it out of whatever dark pop genre you might think it fits within and placing it into several others.  This song is also really good in the way that I can't stop listening to it and wish to hear more music from Julia Pratt because it is not only deep and complex within the lyrics but within the sound as well.


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