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"It's Murky Grey" //

The sound of PORT NASIM is an interesting one because it feels like the more that I listen to this album the more different influences I can pick up within the sound.  I'm not sure that a band has ever sounded quite like this before because PORT NASIM seems to pull elements from other artists which might use guitars but haven't really been blended together like this before.  In some ways, I think of this album as being a crossover between punk and metal, while at other times it can just feel like one of those grunge era albums that was heavier on the metal side, but the end result truly is unlike anything I've ever heard before.

"It's Murky Grey" opens up with a song which has these big, crunchy guitar chords and right away I can only think of it as being punk.  During the chorus there are strings and backing vocals which take this to a different sound.    As the album continues with "That Isn't True" (Which also makes an appearance later on acoustic) I begin to think of it as being more metal, something such as Suicidal Tendencies.  There is quite a bit of Ozzy influence in here and as I think about an artist such as Sprung Monkey, I also can hear a metal band such as Judas Priest.

"The Need" has this bass line which reminds me of Nirvana and "Die Moorsoldaten" is in German and has a different feel than any other song on this album.  It feels more like a traditional song, but being played in a faster speed and it ends up just reminding me of something like Dropkick Murphys.   I've listened to all of these bands in my lifetime- and even the acoustics begin to feel trippy like Pink Floyd- but I've never really thought about them being together.  Even though it's not something I've thought of, when they all do come together it just somehow works.

With so many different artists out there- such a lengthy history of rock music- I've always wondered why more artists didn't bring about styles combined of influences which might not have been thought of before, but at the same time it might simply not work to combine Pink Floyd with Judas Priest for a lot of other artists.  PORT NASIM just makes it work and brings all of these different sounds which maybe shouldn't be together into one unique sound which they can call their own and it truly is special. 


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