Music Review //
Naked Gypsy Queens
"Georgiana" //

In many ways, the concept of rock n roll can be attributed to when you were born.  I imagine that those who were of the appropriate age to attend Woodstock might view rock n roll as being different than those who weren't even born at the time.    This makes for a generational gap where some people might think Lenny Kravitz is the definition of rock n roll, while others might say it's Jimi Hendrix and really I think that rock n roll can just live in through various artists after its origins.   Naked Gypsy Queens has managed to find that perfect way to keep rock n roll alive and I love them for it.

There are as many elements of classic rock n roll in here as there are modern rock n roll and everything in between.  From artists such as The White Stripes and Soul Asylum to Black Crowes there is just a feeling here which you can hear right away on the first song, "Georgiana", and it maintains throughout the EP.   This was actually really important to me because there are artists out there that will have one song in that rock n roll way and then seemingly use it as a way to get people to listen to the rest of their songs which aren't as much RNR.  Naked Gypsy Queens do everything to the rock n roll extent that every band should and they do it so damn well.

I remember a specific VH1 Music Awards show when Scott Weiland presented the award for best Rock Band and it went to Creed but he jokingly said Stone Temple Pilots first.  It really got me thinking about how rock n roll was just lacking something at that time.  It didn't feel dangerous.  And it's not that the band has to be on drugs and trashing hotel rooms to feel dangerous, but there is that certain quality in the music which makes it feel that way even if behind the scenes the band members are really reserved people.  And Naked Gypsy Queens just has that vibe that makes you want to scream "ROCK N ROLL!"

Perhaps part of that rock n roll vibe is the way the percussion handles everything on this EP.  But with the starts and stops, big crunchy guitar chords and rhythm that can at times make it even feel a little influenced by the blues, Naked Gypsy Queens also just have these killer guitar solos right up until the end.  The last song actually begins acoustic, which reminds me of Lynyrd Skynyrd, but then unwinds into something a bit more complex, a bit unheard of and overall it just solidifies that not only does Naked Gypsy Queens pay tribute to the rock n roll sound of the past but they are taking it into the future.  


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