Monday, February 17, 2020

Live Wrestling Review //
Weekend At Sean's House
Night 2
(H2O Wrestling Center, Williamstown, NJ)

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Last weekend- for my birthday- I was in NJ on a Friday night and MA on a Saturday.   This weekend, I found myself in MA on a Friday night and NJ on a Saturday.   This show was much further into NJ than I drove last weekend though.  Last weekend once I got into NJ it felt like I was there.   This weekend, once I got into NJ I spent about two hours on the Jersey Turnpike.    We somehow made it quite a while before having to stop to use the bathroom but then we went to that rest area called Vince Lombardi where you have to walk to a trailer and I just wanted to see this time if the Starbucks truck was open (it was)

There are many things that make me want to go to a wrestling show.  Most of the time, it's the lineup.   You put a wrestler or two on your show that I really want to see, and I'll be there.   This show, though, had at least one person I wanted to see in every match.  It also felt like this strange crossover event because some of the talent was that National Pro Wrestling Day show earlier in Philadelphia (We were so close to Philly!) and some of the talent went to the CZW show later that night.   In one instance, yes, there was a match where it could have been thought of as CZW versus CHIKARA, which is pretty rad.

A lot of my reasons for wanting to go to this show were also to want to see 2 Cold Scorpio.   I likely saw him, when I was younger, in his WWE days, but to be able to actually say I saw him in a match I remember is the type of memory I want to create, not just for myself but for Quentin as well. 
When we first got into the show we went to the bathroom and then saw a merch area set up nearby.   They had a few different event posters for sale and one of them looked like a comic book cover and featured Davienne vs. Steve Sanders on it.   It had been signed by both wrestlers and so I told the person doing the merch table I had to have it.  He went to go find a price and I was ready to pay more, but $15 it was.   Davienne is my favorite wrestler but even if you were just sort of a fan of her- or Steve Sanders, or the match or just wanted a nice souvenir from the show- this poster is so rad.   It's one of those things where I wish more people would do posters like this, but I only have so much wall space.

The highlights of the night- for me- included seeing Big Callux, Molly McCoy & Billy Avery, KTB vs Boomer Hatfield and Pinkie Sanchez.   This was another one of those shows where you see wrestlers you know and I'm never really sure whether or not I'm supposed to cheer or boo them.  Pinkie Sanchez attacked both Davienne and Steve Sanders in the first match, to set up the later match between Pinkie and Steve, but I will almost always feel the need to cheer for Pinkie Sanchez regardless of what he does.   I mean, I knew he was evil last weekend but I still cheered him.

But this is what I love about professional wrestling right now.   You might not be watching these characters on forty hours of television every week, so you might not know them- or maybe you do know them but just don't know who to boo or cheer for in a specific match.   And this is something I really see and think about through Quentin's eyes as well.  A match like KTB vs. Boomer Hatfield told a story and there was really no doubt in anyone's mind there of who should be cheered and who should be booed.  (It is also okay to boo someone in the ring and still be a fan of them outside of it)

For Quentin, I would say that the highlight of his night was seeing Ava Everett.   During her match- a triple threat- she got knocked to the outside near us and when she saw Quentin she sat in an empty chair next to him, which prompted me to take a photo of them (I asked permission first) and after Quentin gave her some encouragement she got back in there and won the match.   That's what BBFs are for (I wish I had a BFF like that) But these are the types of things you can't buy.   These are the reasons why you should go to see professional wrestling in person because even just that one singular moment was worth all the time spent in the car.

Before the main event, they had to set up the ring and Quentin somehow got in this power nap.   I thought "Well, if he sleeps through this match, maybe it's best for him to not see the violence" and then at some point early on in the match I looked over at him and he was wide awake again.   Quentin has seen some pretty brutal matches, but he hasn't quite seen anyone bleed like this before.   I'm not saying I'd take him to a TOD or anything, but I think him watching this is a lot like him seeing similar violence in a movie or video game and overall it's better for me to know what he's watching as well.

Wrestling is a weird thing for me because back when Tim Donst first started as this scrawny kid he was in CHIKARA a lot and I wasn't as into wrestling then as I am even now- I wouldn't have driven four hours to see CHIKARA at that time because I didn't really see wrestling live a lot in general- and then once Donst became this badass character that I wanted to see live and he was raising hell in CZW, I was in Texas.  So this was my first time seeing Tim Donst in person but he's someone I've been following since the turn of the century.

This whole show had a little bit of everything on it and that's what I like to see in wrestling.    Sure, I'd go to a show that had a lucha theme, but to have it mixed up like this is what I really want to see because then all of the matches stand on their own unique merits.   After the show was over, I was waiting to see if maybe 2 Cold Scorpio or anyone would come back out but Quentin was ready to go.   There was a fork in the ring that was used during the match and I told Quentin to take it but he said no.  I asked him why not and he said "It has blood on it".    (Spoilers though: I took the fork)

On the drive home, our first stop was at a Wawa.   This really was some kind of nostalgic weekend for me.   The night before, I had been to Papa Gino's for the first time in I don't know how many decades.   Tonight, I went to Wawa for the first time in I don't know how many decades.  I think the guy pumping my gas at Wawa was a little freaked out by this though.   And then Chase thought my card was stolen, but to be fair I usually can make it to NJ and back without having to get gas.   Pretty much my drive to MA the night before- there and back- was equal to less than one way to this show.   But, like I said, I'm never going to look back and say "Oh, remember how long that drive was".   I'm going to look back and remember Brandon Kirk having a dildo in his mouth.

This also isn't the end of this review.   It's more like a "To be continued..."- which is another reason why I love going to live wrestling shows.   While at this show, I saw a flyer for Stan Stylez's Intergender Bonanza 5 and who was on the poster but Su Yung, Jamie Senegal and MAX THE FUCKING IMPALER.  Needless to say, once I found tickets the day afte I bought them and am now ready to make this trip, about a month later, to see some familiar faces and make some new friends.

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