Monday, February 17, 2020

Live Wrestling Review //
Chaotic Wrestling
Hudson, MA

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This was our second time in Hudson, MA- the place where Quentin saw his first wrestling show- and it follows the destruction that was Pandemonium- which I have spelled wrong far too many times.   The idea going into this show is that something will be said about what happened last month with the main event and who gets the title shot for "Cold Fury" and all of that.   There is also a tag team titles match and Brian Pillman Jr vs. Mike Verna, so just an overall solid looking card without even having it all announced.   I definitely enjoy that Chaotic Wrestling has that way where you can randomly show up to a show and have fun, but also if you go to all the shows you can follow along and become invested in that "soap opera" way.

Before this all happens though it is worth noting that we started this day off by going to the first rest area on the Mass Pike, which allowed Quentin to get McDonald's for dinner and I got three slices of pizza from Papa Gino's.   There might be a Papa Gino's in CT somewhere still, but there used to be one right down the road from me (It's a Boston Market now) and I remember having a birthday party there as a kid where I got to make my own pizza.   We also had some time before the show started so we went back to that Shaw's plaza we found last time but instead of spending a lot of time on that side I took Quentin to Game Stop where he got a new DS game to play in the car.

For me, the thing I find confusing at times about Chaotic Wrestling is that sometimes the heels are cheered.   When we got to the show, people were being let in, so it didn't take us that long to go in and start the show.   Anthony Green and Ava Everett were out first to talk with Brian Fury, but this brought out Josh Briggs and people both cheer but also boo him.   People booed when he said he destroyed everything last month and we loved it, but I really did love it.   It was destruction unlike I've seen before and that's kind of what I'm here for in seeing wrestling live.

But then I think of a team like the Logan Brothers.   They try to cheat to win.  They seem to have those typical heel tactics.   But they get cheers because they're veterans in Chaotic Wrestling.   I'm still not 100% sold on them but CJ Cruz and Ricky Archer are a great tag team.   I'm hoping they get into a position to go for a tag title shot soon enough.   It's also funny to me that there was a row of little kids in front of us and one of them was wearing that CJ Cruz shirt after intermission, because on the back it has an edited version of "Little Brick Shithouse".

Before intermission, the first half main event saw Mike Verna defeat Brian Pillman Jr.   Earlier in the night, Brian Fury made the announcement that there would be a Fatal Fourway at "Cold Fury" between Christian Casanova (the champ), Mike Verna, Anthony Green and Josh Briggs *but* each of the three challengers had to earn their way into the match.   So, basically, with this match, if Mike Verna lost he was out of the main event at "Cold Fury" and it wasn't even like BPJ would replace him so that, in some ways, kind of gave away the winner to me.   Still, this was a great match and something about these two just clicks.   I saw their first match in NEW and BPJ won that one so I suppose it's time for someone (near me) to book the rubber match.

Intermission.   Ava Everett was one of the first to go near the merch tables, so Quentin went over to talk with her and I didn't push through the crowd of people just yet.  Somehow, Brian Pillman Jr came through the crowd right by me to get to the merch area where he had 8x10's for sale and if you bought one he'd take a photo with you.   So, of course, I paid for the 8x10 (had it made out to Quentin) in order to get a photo of the son of my all-time favorite wrestler with my son.    That was a lot of fun.   As people cleared out a little bit, I went over towards Ava Everett because Quentin had been talking to her- she gave him a sticker- and I noticed she had DVDs for sale.

Excuse my awkwardness but our conversation (and this is someone I've spoken with before on more than one occasion) went something like "Why do you have DVDs?", and she told me they were for Zero 1, and then I think I kind of looked confused or said something like "What are they?" but she understood and told me they were $10 each.  So instead of saying something normal like "Ok, I shall buy them" I said something like "Yeah, I'll watch them" and gave her money.   Why am I like this?

The second half of the show taught me that a) We were seated next to Charlie Cashew's parents and b) There were drunk fans in front of us who were in love with the guy with the Randy Orton tattoos.    This got rather wild and by the end, the team of Death By Davie won the tag team titles.    In our first Chaotic show- Quentin's first wrestling show- DBD wore flannel pajamas.   On the last show, they earned the title shot by defeating MSP.   So this just felt like it was going to happen and I would've been really upset if it didn't.   Davienne is also the first woman to hold these tag titles, so she's breaking barriers everywhere.

I feel like I always say "I'm only going to go to one or two wrestling shows per month" and I try to limit it to just Chaotic Wrestling and Blitzkrieg! Pro.   But then I find all of these other shows and end up going to two during the same weekend.   It's so much fun though, and Quentin is having so much fun with it all as well.   But even if you don't want to go as crazy as I do, just go to Chaotic Wrestling when they have shows if you're in the area.  Pick one promotion in your local area and follow it.   It's never too late to get into it and you'll have more fun than the money you spend.

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