Monday, February 3, 2020

Live Wrestling Review //
Chaotic Wrestling
@ Gametime (Lowell, MA)

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Back when Quentin and I went to our first Chaotic Wrestling show, also Quentin's first wrestling show overall, we decided to buy tickets to this one during intermission because it's on his birthday.  I knew we saw signs for Lowell while going to Hudson, so I figured it was closer to us but it was actually a little bit further away.  Still, it wasn't that bad to get to and driving to MA never seems to give us the same problems that we have trying to get out of CT the other way into NY.

On our way to this show we stopped at a 7-Eleven but they didn't have a public bathroom.   Way to go, CONVENIENCE store.   So we found this place called Market Basket (which is a grocery store) and we wandered through a lot of backstage areas it felt like we weren't supposed to be in before finally getting some spicy ramen and reusable bags from there to commemorate our first time visiting such a store.   7-Eleven lost them about a nine dollar sale there.

We got into this plaza which was right next to Gametime but the maps app kept telling me we were there so I had to keep driving to try and find it which took extra time.  Gametime has indoor batting cages and stuff like that, which was a nice atmosphere to see wrestling in- very different and unique.   We were all kind of in this waiting room area as well at first, which was better than having to wait outside in the cold that's for sure. 

This show was called "Pandemonium" and it definitely was.   It opened with this most excellent tag team match between Death by Davie and Maine State Posse (which got a "This is awesome" chant) and then it kind of blurred until the end.   First off, we had these front row seats but were right on the corner so I put Quentin on the inside so he could see better.  This put my right near a ring post and a bright light was in my eyes as well, so photos didn't really go as well as they could have.

Partially, I wanted to wait to see if I was still as upset about this now as I was then- I didn't want to type in the heat of the moment- but here goes the calmer version of it.  There were quite a few talents advertised that weren't there, and I get it, that's fine, card is subject to change.   But Christian Casanova showing up by himself was disappointing to me.  I really wanted to see Tasha Steelz again.   Anyway... that's not really a gripe, it's more of a "it happens, we move on" type of thing.

My only gripe with this show was the booking of Christian Casanova.  So if you didn't know, if you were not aware going into this, you have six competitors in the main event match, where they're basically killing each other and for what?  A title shot.   Against Christian Casanova.   So why not have a segment before that where Christian Casanova issues an open challenge and out comes one of those Logan guys to accept it.

This whole idea just made me feel like what was happening in the main event wasn't as important because you're taking someone who would win it and say "This person beat these five others to earn this shot" which seems less smart than just walking out and accepting an open challenge earlier in the night.

But I fast forward to the end now because Josh Briggs was very quickly eliminated in this match only to return and destroy everything.  I mean it was... pandemoneum.   He beat up everyone and left them down, motionless.  He tore apart the ring.  No one was safe.  I mean, he didn't hit the fans so I guess we were safe, but if you were on the other side of the guardrail you were fair game.   And yes, this was one of those times where I thought "I'm glad we're front row now".

Just for those sort of fun facts I enjoy, this is the 8th show I've been to since the weekend after Thanksgiving with little pause in between each (It's been something like eight shows in seven weeks) and it's Quentin's third show overall.   Of these eight shows I've been to, the competitor I've seen the most on them is Davienne.   To be fair, I've seen Ava Everett on every show Davienne has been on *but* she didn't wrestle on Heavy Lies The Crown.   I feel like that will be a special trivia question one day about my life: "She didn't wrestle, but what role did she play?" (Of course, she was the ref for Anthony Greene vs Josh Briggs)

Quentin and I both took pictures with Davienne, were excited to see Bear Boulder and DL Hurst again and after all was said and done we talked to Ava Everett who is just the nicest because her birthday is the day after Quentin's so that's kind of this cool thing that they share.   I'm also writing this a few weeks after the show and it's been two weekends without wrestling.   I wanted to go to Philly for CHIKARA but it snowed.   But I feel like now I'm ready to go to wrestling quite a bit more.   I don't know.  I always say I want to limit it to one or two wrestling shows per month and then I end up not wanting to miss out and we go to more than that.   I'm just really excited for what this year could bring and all the amazing talent we can see.

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