Monday, February 3, 2020

Cassette Review //
"Only Attitude"
(Blacktop Records)

$5.99 //
Edition of  100 // //

This cassette starts off like grinding hardcore with bits of punk.   I'm reminded of bands like Shut Down and Warzone- that era of Victory Records.   At first, the song is about being blue (which is sad) but then they take on the idea of having a positive attitude.  If this was the year 2000 or so I'd definitely call this one posicore and want to see BLUE tour with Good Clean Fun.

In some ways this also reminds me of old AFI, back when their songs were under two minutes and most people who hear them like that wouldn't recognize them.    I miss the days of bands hitting this hard but also just feeling so tightly knit, where every note hits like a single bullet.   It's one of those things where people think punk and hardcore is just playing as fast and as loud as you can, and yet here is where you can break it down and hear all of the talent it takes to create.

On the flip side you can hear a more melodic side of hardcore and I'm reminded of the band Outline, who I haven't thought of in at least ten years.   It's also this reminder of how we went from emo and hardcore being different genres to sort of combining themselves over time until we got to a scene I no longer wanted to be a part of.   But anyway, this hits hard enough that you should be playing it loudly and if experienced live getting in the pit.

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