Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Live Pro Wrestling Review //
Chaotic Wrestling
"Road To Cold Fury"
@ Game Time (Lowell, MA)

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We're on the road to Cold Fury!   So after the last event in Hudson, Josh Briggs, Mike Verna, Ava Everett and Davienne all got suspended.   This means this was our first Chaotic show without The Girls Room and it just kind of messes up our whole overall average of who we've seen the most because maybe DL Hurst is going to get closer to the lead now.  I need to make so many spreadsheets. 

We went to this show to see two different matches- which ended up being the first and final matches on the show.   DL Hurst vs. JT Dunn is a showcase of two wrestlers who really need to be talked about more and their match just delivered.   Somehow, it also went on first- which I had this feeling it might but also thought it could main event.   Before the match started, JT Dunn told the ref something like "Nah, she won't be here.  She's suspended" and I thought that was funny.

Then we get into the whole idea of what happened in between the first and final match.    I've read all these things on Twitter about how great TJ Crawford is, but I have yet to see it.   I just know that he had me cheering (kind of) for Tyler Cintron and I don't like that.  It's also funny that during this match there was a "U-S-A" chant going, as if both men aren't from the United States. 

Christian Casanova was in the house with the former tag team champions and I usually am not a fan of the talking segments, but this one turned into a tag match (minus the champ) with Bear Country and any reason to see Bear Country is a good reason for me.  This show was about two hours away and that's definitely a reasonable driving distance just to see Bear Country, so I was pleased with just this match itself because it was hard-hitting and yet it came after the great opening contest as well as Crawford-Cintron which delivered on some level as well.

In "Things That Bother Me (But I Said This Last Time)" Christian Casanova defended his title against Scotty Slade after Scotty Slade simply... walked out and... asked for the match?  So, you have this main event for Cold Fury.   Christian Casanova defending the title against Mike Verna (who had to defeat Brian Pillman Jr to get into the match, after everything which happened at Pandemonium), Anthony Greene (take what I said about Verna and substitute BPJ for Hammerstone) and Josh Briggs if he can defeat Nick fucking Gage...

And then somehow... Scotty Slade just walks into a title match. 

I know, I know we have that whole thing where we must suspend disbelief- like in comic books why doesn't Iron Man just make an army of suits and then he can protect whoever he wants and he'd be unstoppable- but sometimes I'm just... If I don't question why, who will?

I feel like intermission was in here but I don't remember.   During intermission, we went over so Quentin could take a photo with Christian Casanova because that guy holds gold pretty much everywhere he goes.   He's the champ in Chaotic, he won the title when I saw him in NEW, he's been picking up huge wins in Beyond and I think he was even on a Blitzkrieg! show once.  I feel like I see him everywhere but he's just that damn good.

There was a triple tag match with Chase/Cashew vs. CJ/Ricky vs. Logan Bros and that was a lot of fun.   I think some of the Logans family members were behind us.   But with the team of Chase/Cashew picking up wins perhaps they might be next in line for a tag team title shot, which would be pretty nice to see.

I don't remember the names of the wrestler in the squash match before the main event, but the one guy who lost (badly) walked by the row in front of us (we were second row) slapping hands and when he went by this one kid he pulled his hand back and the wrestler was all disappointed like "Awww" while the fans to the left of us popped.   It was one of those moments I hope makes it to the YouTube but if it doesn't, it happened and it was great.

During the main event you kind of knew that Anthony Greene would be winning but it was still a really good match.  I've seen a handful of things that Hammerstone has done because I kind of pay attention to MLW but I kind of don't (I think I remember a match he had with BPJ) but, yeah, Hammerstone had a great match here and he's a great heel.   Although I must also say that as someone who *isn't* from MA, it's great to go see wrestling in MA because of hearing everyone yell with their Boston accents.   Hammerstone got boos by pointing this out, but it is one of those fun variables about wrestling.

While intermission was fun, after the show we got kicked out.   I guess if you don't meet wrestlers during intermission or before the show, you won't meet them at all during Chaotic although when the show was over someone said to stay and meet with the wrestlers.   When I told some Chaotic employee though we were waiting to meet Hammerstone he told us we had to leave, the ultimate heel move.   Ah well.  Life goes on.   I'm sure we'll be seeing Hammerstone again somewhere.

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