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Live Pro Wrestling Review //
Blitzkrieg! Pro Wrestling
"Stinks On Ice"
@ Moose Lodge, Westfield, MA

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This is where it all started.  Back at the end of November, I started going to see pro wrestling again and my first stop was here, for Blitzkrieg! Pro's "NOTAFINGAH" event.   Somehow, after three months I've hit my tenth live even, second night in a row and I'm just... I want to do this every night somehow.  That would be the dream, right?  Can "wrestling fan" be a profession somehow?

We caught up in some things and last time I remember the doors not opening on time, so by the time Quentin and I left for this event we ended up not making it there until almost 7, at which time the doors were already open and the sold out crowd was nearly all in there as well.   As we went to the stage, a group of three was nice enough to move over to give us seats together although Quentin spent a decent amount of time standing and sitting on the edge of the stage to watch the show.

Tonight, in MA, there was something magic in the air.  Was it the sold out crowd?  Was it the talent on the show?  I don't know exactly.  But this place was wild.  And it just seems like these events keep getting more and more wild with every time I go to them.   This was a different kind of rowdy but it was very much a fun kind of rowdy.

Back when we went to Chaotic near the beginning of the month, Davienne and JT Dunn took on the Main State Posse and it opened the show.   So here, it was weird seeing Davienne and Ava Everett take on MSP and open the show but you want a hot crowd to start it off, right?  I feel very much like the first match sets the pace, like "Follow that" and this was just such a fun match that I feel like even though I always see them in situations where I boo them I'm becoming a fan of MSP.

This was also our second night in a row seeing Davienne and Ava Everett, which if I could watch them wrestle every night I would.   DL Hurst- who I've also seen a lot- came out to rub the loss in their face and I still hope some day that The Girls Room collects the debt which is owed to them by him.   It's also funny to go from heel to face with DL Hurst, but man can he do it.  (There were actually two people with DL Hurst shirts in front of me as well.  I, of course, had my Davienne shirt on)

We saw Travis Huckabee take on Nick "Kid" Curry and this time I talked to Travis Huckabee when he was behind the merch table.   I still feel like Travis Huckabee kind of cheated even though there was a stipulation where if he got DQ'ed then he'd be suspended but I feel like this is turning into an ongoing thing for Nick Curry where once he finally gets that win, it's going to be huge.

Quentin had to use the bathroom and so I went with him during the start of a tag team match which spent quite a bit of time outside of the ring.  Mutually Assured Destruction and AOC are both teams I've seen before but they're all four big guys just beating the shit out of each other and it's fun to see.   I enjoy two big men fighting and I enjoy a tag match, but to have four guys in there that are big and fighting is just something special.   If Blitzkrieg! booked this match on every card I would not complain.

Before intermission we had our first half main event which saw Jeff Cannonball take on Joey Ryan.   There were a lot of "Touch his dick" chants and at one point I might have yelled "This is your bachelor party!" but I just need to say... for all the people who say Joey Ryan is "killing the business"... I just wish they could work a crowd like he does.   And props to Jeff Cannonball because this was a match I was uncertain of going in but it turned out to be really entertaining and if you can somehow find it to watch, you must.

During intermission, Joey Ryan went straight from the ring to the merch table and so Quentin and I went from our seats to the merch table as well.  I paid $20 for a photo of Quentin with Joey Ryan (which is fair and also included a signed 8x10) and then another $20 for a plush toy of Joey Ryan which I really thought was cool.    We met Hermit Crab and then went over near the ring to see The Girls Room. 

When I went to Blitzkrieg! the last time- which was the beginning of December- Davienne and Ava Everett were dressed as Power Rangers, so them being in those outfits tonight made Quentin want to take a photo with them because he loves the Power Rangers.   I also got an 8x10 of them together signed for Quentin and an 8x10 of just Davienne signed for me because she's my favorite.

One thing I want to say about the shows so far I've taken Quentin too as well is that I always feel weird like "Is it okay to bring a kid to this?" and then I always end up seeing other people with kids there, so yes, people keep bringing your kids to shows so it's never just one kid there feeling like maybe this isn't the proper show for them.   Wrestling is for everyone and in some ways it's less violent than what Quentin watches on YouTube.

Thinking about this show, I knew three things in my mind: Joey Ryan would appear, Davienne and Ava Everett would wear their Power Rangers gear and DL Hurst vs. Pinkie Sanchez.   So when we came back from intermission and Anthony Greene came out it was one of those "Oh yeah, he's here" moments because I knew he was scheduled to be- he's on the poster- but there's just so much wrestling sometimes I forget things even though they are important details which make me want to go to a show.  (Side Note: I'm so stoked for the next show, and D-Lo Brown vs Hermit Crab as well as the title match I forgot for a moment both Nick Gage and Tony Deppen are on it as well.  There is just so much packed into one show!)

Anthony Greene vs. Scotty Wild turned into a title match, as AG is the Limitless Wrestling Champion.   I actually googled where the next Limitless show is and it's about three and a half hours from me, through both New Hampshire and then in Maine- two states I've never been to before- so perhaps this summer that might be a fun roadtrip to make.   Scotty Wild lost this match but we also got to see Anthony Greene's bare butt so it was kind of, um, wild.

There was a scramble match with Hermit Crab in it and Charlie Cashew won it.    This is my fourth time seeing Charlie Cashew now- twice in Chaotic and twice in Blitzkrieg!- and I honestly believe he's going to have a breakout year this year because of not just his gimmick really being something fun and easy to connect with but also that he's so athletically gifted.   He's one of those wrestlers you should watch now if you have the chance because he's on his way up.

One thing I love about Blitzkrieg! is that they do a lot of tag team and scramble matches and that helps to get more talent onto a show.   I do believe I saw Kody Lane the last time I was here- in A ROOM WITH A MOOSE- but this time he brought his girlfriend- Juicy- in a match which they won and, yes, I'd certainly like to see more of this tag team please.    Everyone on this show just has their own unique gifts to offer and the way it all comes together is what makes it so fucking special.

In the main event, Pinkie Sanchez and DL Hurst went to war.   At one point they came onto the stage and DL Hurst yelled at everyone to move- which they did- and then they were really close to me still so I told him I wasn't going to move.  If I get hit by a wrestler or a chair or whatever I won't sue.  I don't care.  There were also these kids down near the entrance area that were giving DL Hurst a hard time all night and it was hilarious.   They even did the Pinkie "SUCK ME" bit at random.

This show was wild.  It was something different than what typically happens at a wrestling show.   I'm not sure what it was.   My only guess (and it's a dumb one) is that last time I saw Blitzkrieg! Pro it was over the course of back to back Saturdays.   This was also the beginning of December, so we've gone about two full months without a Blitzkrieg! show.  I suppose the fans were ready.   But it was something in the air where you couldn't be quiet.  I only drank one beer throughout the entire show but I felt drunk on the energy. 

This is the way professional wrestling should be.   This is that combination of wrestling and punk rock.   This was part of my birthday weekend- my first official show as a 40 year old- and I just keep thinking that every show is the best show.  I just keep thinking how I want to consume as much wrestling as possible because if you experience it properly (a show such as this, for example) there is no better feeling.   And we still totally need a show with Davienne and Ava Everett called "I See You More Than I See My Family".

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