Thursday, December 9, 2021

Wrestling Review //
Blitzkrieg! Pro
Mark It Zero
Enfield, CT

For the second night in a row Jess, Quentin and I returned to the House of Pierogis for Blitzkrieg! Pro and this card was already shaping up to be something special because we had the majority of the matches known ahead of time.   This show also featured some special guests, one of which was Danhausen who was originally going to wrestle Max Caster but then he got injured and so he was out for meet and greets courtesy of Best Batch Promotions.

When we first got inside I went over to where Best Batch Promotions was set up but saw only Danhausen, Max Caster and Matthew Rehwoldt.  I wasn't really sure going into the show what I was going to do in terms of autographs and photos, other than that I knew I definitely wanted a photo/auto combo from Rachael Ellering.   I saw a poster- which was also done by Jack Purcell- and wondered what it's deal was then ended up buying it.  During the day, before Blitzkrieg! Pro, both Danhausen and Rachael Ellering did a signing elsewhere and the prices were $20 for an autograph, $20 for a photo and $30 for both.

The poster- which was exclusive to the two signings- was only $60 and it would get me photos with both wrestlers plus they'd sign it.  This was a great deal and almost felt like the poster was free if you didn't have something for them to sign.  If you only wanted to meet one of them it would be different or if you had your own item to sign, but I didn't just want some random 8x10 signed that they had there so this worked out the best for me.  I was also on the fence about Danhausen because he wasn't wrestling but the poster deal from Best Batch Promotions sealed the deal for me.

I had Quentin take a photo with Danhausen and then told Danhausen my story about two of my favorite emails ever, both because of him.  We went back to our seats and I placed the poster in between our chairs but still worried all night that someone would dive into us, spill soda or something to somehow cause it damage.  I need to come up with some sort of poster storage protection plan for shows such as this.

We started the show with the tag team match of A Message To You vs Kings Of The District.  A Message To You didn't come out to their normal song and I told Jess that about ten times.   This match was really fun because it was about the power as well as the teams working together.  I really enjoy tag team wrestling when there are two people working together as a team and there seem to be more tag teams out there now who have become more of a team and less of individuals.   This match also makes me wonder about the status of the Blitzkrieg! Pro Tag Team Titles, as A Message To You should be in line for a shot at them now, after this win.

The second match was the JGeorge Open Challenge and we've seen JGeorge in Pro Wrestling Magic before so it was nice to see him in Blitzkrieg! Pro.  This just goes with a whole rant I had back at the Uncharted Territory with EFFY and Allie Katch and how not all fans are willing to drive to shows in NJ and MA, so sometimes one crowd loses certain wrestlers and it's cool for them to be featured in different states.   Everyone can't just be expected to drive all around New England like I do.  

So JGeorge's Open Challenge was accepted by Scotty Wild, who came out with an introduction and dressed like The Dude.  This was a lot of fun because not only did it tie into the whole idea of the show being called Mark It Zero, but it fit perfectly with JGeorge who sees his matches as being like a movie.  If this whole thing with Scotty Wild happened with any other wrestler it could've still worked but it wouldn't have worked as well as it did with JGeorge and it's just those little things, the attention to detail, which makes what Blitzkrieg! Pro is doing stand out.

Up next we had Skylar vs Rachael Ellering.  Rachael Ellering has been making a name for herself (even more so) in Impact Wrestling while Skylar has been mostly slept on in Blitzkrieg! Pro.  People may not have known what to expect going into this match but these two wrestlers beat the hell out of each other for the entire match.  When it ended, there was a double pin and the fans were upset because they wanted a clear winner.   As I thought about it, I realized I was okay with the draw decision because it just meant that they would have to fight again.  And whether it has a stipulation such as 2 out of 3 Falls or not, I would like to be there to see it.

CPA's Office Christmas Party was up next and this match was a mix of comedy and violence, two of my favorite things.  The match started with each wrestler coming out and essentially being placed underneath a box with wrapping paper on it- a present.  50 Cal was actually out first and when I saw him do this I said to Jess "Jeff Cannonball isn't going to fit in one of those boxes" because the wrestlers were basically in the form of a cannonball.   This became true and a bit of a gag for the match as Jeff Cannonball wouldn't go under the present and instead just had a large box placed over his head.

Originally, the opening tag team match was to include MSP but Aggro hurt his ribs so we ended up with DangerKid in this match which was kind of my idea but I also thought we could move Armani Kayos to the tag match with Paris Van Dale.  So this match was supposed to be five competitors and it became six.  Kaia McKenna was in this match for a little bit then came out of the ring in front of us and said she dislocated her shoulder, so she was taken out.

This match had the spots that multi-person matches sometimes have: everyone getting a headlock on everyone else, for example.  But then there was also violence.  Weapons were brought in and it just got out of control.  Right near us, a computer keyboard was smashed over someone and it just shattered.  Pieces of it flew everywhere.  This was one of those matches where I told Quentin he had to pay attention because the wrestlers might come near us, but there was also debris flying throughout our section.  

One of the funny parts of this match as well was that it was stated that about every 95 seconds someone would enter the match.  Well, CPA and DangerKid started the match and it felt like ten minutes had passed and no one else had been released from their present.  A fan said something about this and CPA asked if Dave Meltzer was there timing the match.  After someone finally came in, they then seemed to release people rather quickly.  And to top it all off, Jeff Cannonball was let in last, stuck under his box for the longest time.

While this show felt like all of the matches could be main events, we went next into Max Caster vs Matthew Rehwoldt.  The funny thing about this match is that Max Caster has his roots in Blitzkrieg! Pro and as such it just seemed like fans were happy to see him.  Matthew Rehwoldt played it up as a heel, so in a bit of things being upside down Max Caster was cheered in this match and seen as the fan favorite.  I've seen a little bit of what Matthew Rehwoldt has done in Impact Wrestling but he's a heel there too, so I knew I'd be booing him and cheering for Max Caster regardless of what the rest of the fans did.   Somehow, we were all on the same page.

This took us into intermission and we made our way around the merch tables.  Rachael Ellering was out so we went to get into her line.  Danhausen had a huge line now as well.  I did the one thing I don't like it when other people do it (and I didn't realize I was doing it) but I talked to Rachael Ellering for a bit too long.  She was super nice about it, but I didn't realize a line was forming behind us and I'm usually just about getting the merch and getting out if I know other people are also waiting.

We also saw JGeorge during intermission.   We bought the last monster truck Perry Von Vicious had, which I told Quentin we could do if it was still there.  I was trying not to do too much during intermission though because I knew when the show came back I'd be responsible for all the stuff we got.  

When the show came back it seemed like Kirby Wackerman was going to face Bryce Donovan, because Bryce Donovan had cost Kirby Wackerman the Bedlam Championship, but instead the Shook Crew brought out Juba to face Kirby.  This was a tough match because the Shook Crew was being cheered and it seemed like they didn't know how to react because they wanted to be booed.  Still, the fans were behind Kirby Wackerman and booing Juba, who came out with Cypher.  

This match saw Shook Crew try and attack Kirby Wackerman afterwards but the save was made by Smart Mark Sterling.  This, interestingly enough, set up a match between Mark Sterling and Bryce Donovan, with Bryce Donovan getting the eventual win meaning that Mark Sterling can no longer wrestle in Blitzkrieg! Pro.   This was a bit of a shock and it will be interesting to see if something happens next year which allows Mark Sterling to wrestle in B!P again or if he's really done.  

We went into a tag team match next between the Apostles Of Chaos and Even Stevens.  This couldn't be more of a clash of styles here but yet somehow the Even Stevens used a chair to get the win behind the ref's back.  Perhaps there needs to be a rematch some time down the line only it needs to be No DQ so that this doesn't happen again.  Even Stevens seemed to be playing to the crowd at one point but later said they didn't like us and had us right in the palm of their hand.  I was never fooled.

The next two matches were among the best I've ever seen and with what the show had looked like up until this point that's really saying a lot.  Carlos Romo and Travis Huckabee just put on a clinic of wrestling, grappling and it was just such the type of match that you don't see much of these days, or sometimes wrestlers try to do it and it ends up being boring, but these two kept the suspense going for every second and it was wonderful.

The last match main event was the Ladder Hell for the Bedlam Championship and I really felt like everyone involved in this put their bodies on the line to the point where they almost died.  Some of the things the did were just crazy.  King Crab hit his head at one point on a ladder and I don't think he was meant to do that but this is what happens in this type of chaos.  Kirby Wackerman came out, pushed Bobby Orlando off of a ladder and that allowed VSK to eventually get the win which was just such a good way to end this whole show.

We stuck around after the show to buy soda from Jeff Cannonball but as we were leaving the show I said to Jess that the one thing Blitzkrieg! is doing that it just feels like no one else is doing is putting on different matches.  Sometimes you'll go to a wrestling show and it just feels like "Here's another match between two guys in a similar style to the match you just saw!", which if you want to see all those guys, it's fine.   But Blitzkrieg! doesn't just have that style where the matches stand out on their own but it's also that those involved are at the top of their game as well.

The way I think of it is that, specifically with this show, you have a match between Rachael Ellering and Skylar and a match between Max Caster and Matthew Rehwoldt.  Two completely different style matches and yet four of the wrestlers who are the best at what they do in the world today.   And that can just be said up and down the card.   Growing up, I feel like I really fell in love with wrestling during ECW.  At that time, you'd have a comedy match with perhaps the FBI or bWo.  You'd have a lucha libre style match with Super Crazy.  Then you'd have submission, mat-based wrestling with Taz.  And someone like The Sandman would get hardcore.  

I enjoy watching lucha libre (I still watch AAA).  I actually watch a lot of joshi wrestling.  I also enjoy a promotion such as Camp Leapfrog, which seems to cater to more of the comedy styles.   But when you have a show that can combine different styles of wrestling in top form... I just don't know if anyone else out there right now is doing this or even coming close.  (Perhaps the closest we can come to it is Chaotic Wrestling but they don't always represent all the same genres that B!P does.  Still, nothing but love for Chaotic)

2020 was a blur.  2021 was about getting back on our feet.  Blitzkrieg! Pro didn't even run a full schedule this year.  But next year, and starting things off with the Wrestival, I just feel like Blitzkrieg! Pro is going to have a year.  And you can mark these words one year from now- hold me to them and see where we are then.   If you're not Blitzkrieg! Pro right now, I suggest you start.  

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