Monday, December 13, 2021

Music Review //
"We've Got Tonight to Leave Me Broken" + "Another Shade Of Blue"


Growing up with music videos, I've often wondered whether or not others have felt that same meaning in them as I do because I wish there was an outlet such as MTV once was in the 1990's.    Back in the 1990's, which was really when music videos peaked because there was MTV (though with technology improving they are also better in so many other ways now) there might have been a series of videos from the same artist which felt connected but I don't feel like there has ever been a double music video before, such as Toigo has accomplished here.

The first half of this music video feels like a song that starts off in that rock way similar to R.E.M. but then as it kicks in I can hear some radio influences in a more modern sense such as Death Cab For Cutie.   The music video starts with our main character waking up in the middle of the desert and being told "You have to make a choice".   This video for the first song spends a lot of time just following Toigo around, with his guitar, as he walks through a city and is sometimes is just on a bed in what feels like a hotel room.

As Toigo takes what appears to be the green pill we switch to the second half of the video, with the second song, and that has a much more trippy vibe to it in that Pink Floyd way.  There are acoustic melodies and a killer guitar riff in here, as Toigo sings about being the man with the meaning.    This portion of the video takes place mainly in the desert and it has that psychedelic visual to it which one might expect to accompany a song of similar styling.   In the end, Toigo seemingly wakes back up right where we started sending us on a complete mental trip.

One of my favorite parts of this being two songs in a double music video is that while both of these songs work well on their own (if you were to split up the video it still works) they just somehow also go together so well that they almost feel like a continuation of each other.  And yet though both songs stay within the genre of rock, they are distinct enough for you to know where one ends and the next begins.   I really hope this video is noticed because of the innovation behind it being the double music video, but I also hope people spend more time with it because of how great it is.  

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