Thursday, December 16, 2021

Music Review //
Chawa Lilith

Right away, the music of Chawa Lilith comes through in an ambient drone way.  I feel like I've heard music such as this before but it's always been instrumental and so that puts Chawa Lilith into a genre by itself, even though there might be comparisons made with artists such as Enya, Shana Falana, Cowboy Junkies and Mazzy Star.   It just feels like you're floating endlessly through space, but it has vocals so it's not the typical way I feel when drifting.

The first song is called "Good Things" and there is a line in there which says to "focus on only the good things" and I fully believe that.   It's one of those things which comes with the idea that you get what you put into the world.  I could write a review about something that I don't like but at the end of the day who does that really benefit?  It just feels like wasted time.  But if I write a review about something I do like, then the person who made it knows I like it and people who think similarly as me will maybe find it as well.

Within the lyrics are a lot of ooooh's and aaahhhhh's, the way that vocals can come out but not be words.   The way that these transcend from song to song makes it feel at times like this can just be one continuous sound and that isn't a bad thing because having that connection between songs on an album is something which many artists lack.   This also provides the album with a flow unlike most other albums and for that along it should be studied and implemented. 

The electronics aspect of this album can also make it feel a bit like Phil Collins.  There is that way about it where it isn't always the best choice of something to put on, say at a party for example or if you're trying to do something energetic.  This music is chill and when you're listening to it, the best way for you to be is also chill or at least trying to clear your thoughts.  But as someone who tends to have too many thoughts racing through their mind at one time this can be used to gain some focus.

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