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"Just Another Story"

Right away, what stands out to me about the song "Just Another Story" is how it feels like we're dancing around on clouds with pianos, but then when it goes into the chorus I expect it to sound a certain way (perhaps heavier than what it does) and it just doesn't sound that way, which makes it unique.  It begins with this darkness, a sort of solemn undertone where it just feels like the vocals come through with the piano keys in a sad ballad way.   As the song essentially kicks in, for what is the chorus, it just feels so much like it's still lighter than most songs but just faster and a little bit heavier than what was before it.

Musically, it isn't easy to really compare Gideon King & City Blog with anyone else because listening to this song made me think it was going to go one way and then it went in another direction- so it really stands out on its own.  I'm reminded of artists such as Adele when it's quieter and when it begins to kick in I think about Queen and Fun, but it still just has that way where I feel like I'm trained from listening to those artists that if this was a song by one of them it would go a little bit differently in the chorus.  The fact that Gideon King & City Blog take the path less traveled though just speaks volumes about them.

The idea behind the title of the song- which does come into play in the chorus- is the question of whether this person has found true love or not.  The question asks whether or not they are the final draft or just another story and one of those unfortunate clich├ęs about life is that we don't often know those types of things until we reach the ending.   And life is such a funny thing because you can get married when you're 20 years old and think you've found true love but then you wake up in your 40's and aren't feeling it any more. Maybe love truly is fleeting and just a moment in time, no matter how long that moment might last.

This has a unique style that I really feel like everyone should listen to this song at least once.   It might not do what you've been trained to hear it do and as such that might make you a little bit skeptical of it at first, but it is still catchy to some extent- on that border of pop- and so it will grow on you.   Once you begin listening to the lyrics, you'll begin to examine that true love quality in everything and not only will that provide you with some greater perspective but it will also enhance your overall living quality.  


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