Thursday, December 16, 2021

Music Review //
The Nylon Admirals
"Butcher's Hook

When The Nylon Admirals first begin "Butcher's Hook" there is an inescapable piano piece which reminds me of the opening to the song "California" by Phantom Planet.  This is where the connection between the two artists ends, however, as the pace picks up and The Nylon Admirals begin an electronic journey through space and time.   This is the type of song that makes me want to get into my car at night and see how fast I can truly go.

Though "Butcher's Hook" is instrumental, one of the things which makes that fun is that there is a music video for it and so instead of hearing words you can sing along with, you can watch images unfold before your very eyes.   While the video begins in sepia, it turns to full color once the song picks up the pace.   There are images of hot air balloons flying, robots dancing and just gears in general which make me think of steampunk but I also just feel like the whole video has a post apocalyptic vibe as well.

One of the things which makes "Butcher's Hook" so special is that on its own it can feel like important song.  The music video for it can also just be a joy to watch, even if you were to put it on mute for some reason.   But the way that these two come together and compliment each other is truly how more artists should be creating their art.   Though one aspect can survive without the other, it does feel like in some way they both also need each other.

Artists like Phantoms Vs Fire come to mind when I hear this.  There are also strong elements of video games within, even if it's only because the video looks like a game I'd like to play.  But mostly I just like this so much that I feel like every song The Nylon Admirals releases should have a similar video and in the end, after an album's worth of videos, they should all be connected to form a sort of film.   If anyone could pull that off, this song and video show that The Nylon Admirals can.

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