Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Music Review //
Ajay Mathur
"Anytime At All (Aftermath of Silence)"

The sound of Ajay Mathur comes through like Tupac's "Changes" with the pianos.  Elements of Genesis can be heard and this song has that way about it where it can cross genres just as easily as it can cross timelines.   From the 1980's and 1990's sound to today, from something like easy listening or jazz to modern rock, Ajay Mathur has vibes like Blue October as well as Seal.  It's quite the sound to hear is it really combines enough other aspects to create its own.

"Anytime At All (Aftermath of Silence)" comes with a black and white music video which is beautifully shot.  It is moody and desolate.   To think of this as being a solemn song would be correct because even though at times it can feel upbeat it isn't so much that as it is just not sad.  And I think in some ways, which this video can reflect, the song truly thrives on the fact that it is neither happy nor sad but rather some place in between- which in ways feels worse than being sad, but still makes for good listening.  

This song was written as a reflection of finding out that John Lennon had died and in that way it's a sort of "The Day The Music Died" anthem and I truly do believe that we all have that day in our lives.  I was barely a year old when John Lennon was assassinated, but being in my early teens at the time I think my version of this song would reflect the death of Kurt Cobain.  Everyone has that pivotal music moment though- and if you haven't yet, then you will.

Listening to music can create heroes who seem larger than life and at the end of the day that can make us forget that they are just human like us.  This is important to remember whenever anyone dies, but somehow this song by Ajay Mathur can help to ease the pain which comes with death when someone you look up to as a musician is no longer around to create music.  This is truly the best tribute to a musician but also it is meant for fans which just makes it that much more powerful. 

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