Music Review //
Yuval Ron feat Úyanga Bold
"Sacred Spiral"
(Metta Mindfulness Music)

"Sacred Spiral" will be released on 2/6.  The album can be pre-saved here:

A lot of the sounds which can be heard on "Sacred Spiral" are less about what instruments are being used to create them and more about the vibe which they present.   With a range from quiet to loud, the sound remains generally in the realm of ambient.   It is relaxing to the point where this music might either help you to fall asleep or simply find a sense of inner peace.  If you were to meditate while listening to music, trying to find some sense of calm and serenity, this would be an appropriate album to do so.

Among the sounds which you will hear within here are delicate strings being plucked, a flute, running water and at times (such as on the second track) you will hear a trumpet.   This is, often times, also accompanied by vocals which can seem to make more sounds than words.  In that aspect though it is quite unique because rather than have the words form you for, it feels as if the musicians have left that idea up to you, as you sit and think/reflect you must also be the one to discover those words which you need to hear.

As the song "Mind Vision Invocation" goes on, I can feel like it gets into this groove.  Though without words, this reminds me of a song which could be found on the soundtrack to a Disney film, such as "Lilo & Stitch" or perhaps "Moana".   It is not just the sound of running water (because that will return later on, and with birds!) there is just this overall island way about the music and I do enjoy that as well.

Even with the strings of a cello on "Darkness Into Light", this album still reminds us that it is about finding clarity within a blurry time.   What many people don't understand is that to find that peace of mind, you can't just listen to a song or read a book and have someone else tell it to you.  You must discover this on your own, unlock it from within yourself.  This is something which can be done over time while listening to "Sacred Spiral" and it is highly recommended that you do just that.  


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