Music Review //
Ava Della Pietra
"power of you"  //

While the musical style of Ava Della Pietra begins as soft and acoustic on "power of you", it does take that drop off into a pop number which you could hear on the radio but is without comparison.   There are any number of pop artists which you could draw some of the more obvious comparisons with here, such as Avril Levigne and just having that idea of this being a project after perhaps being a part of some childhood supergroup and now you're branching out on your own.

Listening to this song is easy to do when also thinking about the lyrics because they're just right there.  What's cool about this song is that it says what a lot of people are thinking but are too afraid to say.  The idea behind the "power of you" in many ways is about what other people think about you.  And while you can't go around worrying about what everybody else thinks, there does come this time where it does seem unfair in the sense that maybe someone says "Oh? You're pop?" and won't listen to Ava Della Pietra because of that.

Not just based on the music side of things but also to think about how people might stereotype other people in any way as well, this song hs some powerful lyrics behind it.  I think in a large way it speaks to me because it feels like we live in a world now with cancel culture and it just kind of feels like we don't think about the actual layered, complex people who are being canceled and just say "You made one mistake, goodbye forever!" This also can just come through in the way that "power of you" feels like it's about living up to others expectations.

Perhaps one of my favorite parts about this song and the musical stylings of Ava Della Pietra is that I can't really put it into a specific genre (because pop and rock are so vague) but I can compare it with someone such as P!nk.  And I fully realize that if you've ever heard the music of P!nk before that might also feel a bit vague- and it is- but if you are into certain artists I believe you can listen to others as well, even if they don't sound exactly the same.


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