Music Review //
Jon Stancer
"In Light Of"
(Weeeee! Records) //

Whenever someone releases a single prior to their album I always appreciate seeing that single early on during the album because it kind of helps ease me into the sound.   Such is the case with Jon Stancer, who begins the EP "In Light Of" with the song "These Arms (Won't Let You Go)", which I've been listening to and enjoying for about two months now.   Taking everything we know about that song and having it kick off this EP just makes everything about "In Light Of" that much greater because the way in which that song expands just helps guide the album.

There exists a definite rhythm, a groove, to the somewhat titular track of "In Light Of Everything" and by the time we hit that third song- "One.Six"- I begin to hear elements of The Get Up Kids, but also specifically from their album "On A Wire" and songs such as "Overdue".    It is really just a testament to the musical talents of Jon Stancer because as these songs can feel as if they are catchy, they can feel just as trippy and so to find this place sort of between those two sounds with hints of what could be emo just seems to form an entirely new genre which I do not wish to give a name.

A big aspect of music for me has always been that the sound and lyrics come together or if they conflict sometimes that can be fun too (such as a sad song set to a pop melody)  The way that "This Cannot Wait (Until Tomorrow)" has this slower vibe, like a waltz, but also seems to feel a sense of urgency in the lyrics just works perfectly because sometimes even though things feel so immediate we need to try and slow them down.   This also is one of those songs which you can jut heavily feel coming from the global pandemic because of what is commonly referred to as being uncertain times.

Elements of twee and Elliott Smith can be on display here as Jon Stancer is truly forging his own path musically.   The final song "Scared Off" has a line about how heads will roll and it really just feels like there is as much of an emphasis on the lyrics as there is the music.  "In Light Of" is the type of EP that you're going to want to spend a great deal of time with- though it will pass quickly- so you can fully realize the weight of not only the words within the songs but their musical innovations as well.  


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