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My Twisted Heart


The first thing I think of when I hear the song "Heartbreaker" is how there are these huge beats and it just feels like this genuine mix of electronic and pop. With these drum machine beats, I think about artists who you may or may not hear on the radio, such as Owl City and Hellogoodbye. It's just that sort of genre which pushed the boundaries of what pop and rock meant when combined with electronic music as well.

On top of those sounds though, I can hear elements of other electronic artists such as 100 Gecs, to put it in a possibly more widely known range. While I feel like a lot of listeners seem to think that 100 Gecs create music in a broken song structure, My Twisted Heart seems to apply their sense of melody and electronica into a more structured sound- though not fully traditional- and I think in that sense My Twisted Heart will have more mainstream appeal, as this song is just not as far out as 100 Gecs but not that close to radio pop either.

Lyrically, this song is called "Heartbreaker" and while that might seem like the title of a song you've heard before the chorus line of "I might just break your heart" is refreshing to hear. Over the course of time, it feels like a lot of music goes the route of "You're a heartbreaker" when it comes to lyrics and just in general it feels like the lyrics of most songs are not about the author. To have this sense of self, to be able to take on this role during this song, is something which not everyone can do but is great to hear.

I'm not sure what it is which is inside someone that makes them want to sing along with a song that would be about themselves rather than singing a song about someone else. Singing songs in the first person isn't unheard of though, I just think it isn't as common. But if you're ready to sing about how you might potentially break someone's heart (which is pretty badass) to the tune of electronic pop on the edge of glitch rock then this My Twisted Heart song is perfect for you.


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