Music Review //
"Firecracker Man" //

Right when that first guitar chord hits you know the type of start and stop sound this is going to create.    Along the lines of those who came before it, THORSLUND channels classic rock artists such as Led Zeppelin and AC/DC just as easily as Jet and other modern rock n roll bands.  Perhaps that is also one of the qualities of this song- is that in both the old and new ways it is managing to keep rock n roll alive.

With those starts and stops this song can get pretty wild.  I'm always reminded of the first time I ever knew what SXSW was and how bands from there were posed to become huge.  I still think back and sometimes wonder whatever happened to The Mooney Suzuki, but this song does have that same sort of rock n roll sound that isn't just present on the stage but is a lifestyle.  

What strikes me as odd- to some extent- is what this song is about.  I'm not sure what a "Firecracker Man" is but it seems to be rather upbeat and positive.  With lyrics such as "And if you see me coming / I got news for you / Because everybody's day now / Is very likely to improve" it feels as if the Firecracker Man is bringing joy to those around him.   Also, there are the lines: "I'll get you out on the dance floor / Even if it's been a while" and that just makes me feel like we're here to dance.

To that extent, this may sound like a song based upon pure rock n roll greatness but within these lyrics the song takes more of an Andrew WK approach to partying.  I'm not sure that this type of heavy rock n roll has ever felt like such a fun influence before, but it does make me also feel as if more songs by THORSLUND would have a blues/dance way about them and that just also sounds like a lot of fun to me.  


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