Music Review //
King Soloman
"Take Out The Trash
(feat. 400nem, Renzo Gonzales)

One of my favorite things about music is how people have over time compared hip hop with Shakespeare.   Words have meanings and the way in which someone who makes lyrics for a rap can twist the words to have more than one meaning is really what all of music should strive to be.   This becomes obvious throughout the song "Take Out The Trash" as King Soloman considers not only the appropriate beats for a song but also the lyrics word for word.

Looking at the artwork on this one you see an ocean polluted.  Without ever even pressing play on the song, you might think it is simply about the problem of trash which we have in our world today as humans where we just litter.  I recently saw a young child take a piece of trash and throw it on the ground only for their mother to scold them and make them pick it back up.  Everyone needs that influence in their life of what goes on the ground (apple core and banana peel for example are okay) and what doesn't.

While keeping oceans, beaches, highways, the streets of our own towns clean is important that isn't as much of what this song is about.  To me, the lyrics are about cleansing yourself of that negativity in your life.  Is something holding you down?  Is something holding you back?  Get that out of your life and out of your way.   Don't let anything stop you from being the you that you are meant to be.  And I just think it's such a good reminder- especially coming out of the pandemic- that we have that choice to rid ourselves of the bad habits in our lives to make them better.

Though they couldn't really be more of polar opposites in terms of sound, I really think of "Take Out The Trash" as being an anthem in the same way Soul Asylum found mainstream success with the song "Runaway Train".    Although it was not their intention, that song managed to bring awareness to runaway children and even bring some of them back home.  I hope that King Soloman can find similar success and people can listen to this song enough that they not only do a personal cleaning but keep this planet clean.  


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