Music Review //
Chase Bell
"Live Easy"


Right away the sounds of Chase Bell feel like a pop song but since there are guitars I think it has some rock qualities.  With the faster beats and way it can mix with the radio pop vibe of an artist such as The Weeknd or Walk The Moon I almost feel like this has a sound that the Beach Boys might have created if they were just coming up now and wanting to blend in with the radio crowd.  

The video itself is something which you can put on during a party and just has a calming way about it.   There are women- some dressed in swimsuits, some in more clothing than that- at the beach, dancing around and at one point one of them does a cartwheel.  It is certainly calming, even if just to see the visual of the ocean waves crashing, but what many would consider to be a look at women who are easy on the eyes also makes this a very visually pleasing video to watch which an equally pleasant song.

In terms of lyrics and content value I think that the title of the song and lyric which really is the hook in the chorus says it all: "It ain't hard to live easy".  I definitely enjoy the fact that the words "hard" and "easy" are in there, as opposites, as opposed to saying something like "It's easy living easy" because that just feels too messy.  I also like to think of this as being a great mantra because far too often life isn't made complicated by any of the events surrounding us but by us ourselves so we can control that.

Many facets of my life and music can be complicated.  I live with a lot of anxiety, which also tends to needlessly complicated things.  "Live Easy" is a great song to put on whenever you feel like life is just becoming too much (Which, for me, is a bit too often) and you just need something to relax you and remind yourself that life is what you make of it.  If life seems complicated, that's on you.   You can find a way to make it seem easier and regardless of what you're doing there should always be some end goal of happiness.  


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