The Spontaneous Jam Session Unveils a Vibrant Musical Tapestry Every Sunday at pinkFROG Cafe in Brooklyn, NY

 Since November 2022, the heart of Brooklyn has resonated with the eclectic sounds of The Spontaneous Jam Session, a weekly musical gathering hosted by Marcelo Maccagnan and Maxime Cholley at the distinctive pinkFROG cafe. This event goes beyond the traditional jam session, evolving into a dynamic platform that not only unites musicians but also engages diverse communities in Brooklyn.

Commencing at 6:30pm every Sunday, the session kicks off with a captivating 45-minute performance by the “house band,” featuring hosts Marcelo Maccagnan on bass and Maxime Cholley on drums, alongside a different guest musician each week. Notable guests from various musical backgrounds contribute to the ever-changing nature of the performances, ranging from RnB and Jazz to Indian, Lithuanian, Middle Eastern, and even tap dancing. Distinguished guests have included Meg Okura, Caili O’Doherty, Sam Newsome, Swaminathan Selvaganesh, Dabin Ryu, Andrew Cheng and many others.

As the clock strikes 7:30 pm, the atmosphere transforms into a fully improvised and spontaneous jam session, welcoming musicians from all corners of the city to join the stage. This unique aspect ensures that every musical creation is born in the moment, with no predefined music or charts. Musicians of diverse backgrounds, including tabla players, Oud players, singers, dancers, and even rappers, converge on stage to create something entirely new for the audience every 5-10 minutes.

What sets The Spontaneous Jam Session apart is the active involvement of the audience, including non-musicians. Listeners are encouraged to suggest ideas or themes for the improvised pieces, resulting in imaginative and diverse musical narratives. The audience plays a pivotal role in shaping the creative direction of the session, making each gathering a unique and participatory experience.

The initiative has gained recognition among musicians, with a growing community on Eventbrite and Meetup. The Spontaneous Jam Session has become a powerful tool for uniting the Brooklyn music community, transcending cultural and stylistic boundaries. Through this project, the hosts aim to continue fostering a spirit of inclusivity, creativity, and collaboration within the local music scene, enriching the cultural fabric of Brooklyn and beyond.

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