Cassette Review // Dr. Lowenstein "Mayan Mist"

This begins with the sounds of water, as if we're at the ocean.   Bass strings are being plucked behind it now.   A sharper sound comes through now and it can almost turn into this feeling of a wolf howling in the jungle.   That bass line stays constant as the sound of the water has faded now.   A symphonic whirring now and this has the feeling of magic.   The tones come through now in a deep organ way as well.

As this goes on, the whirring feels more like a MIDI synth way, like The Rentals, and it has the bass behind it still.   There is a sense of this being very solemn, sad even, but it can also feel like it's in that church way which makes it serious as well.   Slowly now, the bass fades and it feels like we're going into more of a death march.   The bass fades even more as these organ tones come through heavenly now.

The flute comes in and it feels ominous.  Before the end of the first side you can hear the ocean come back in a little bit.   I reached out to id m theft able via Instagram to find out if this is the actual cassette it says or if there was some other involvement in it and was told that this is the cassette it says it is-- id m theft able has nothing to do with the sounds on it.   

So, in its own weird way, that's cool because I was listening to this thinking it was id m theft able and it was recorded some time after 2020, but in fact it's from 1987 and sounds this way.  One of the sites with the most info I could find on this cassette was Discogs and they say this is "Health-Fitness, Therapy, New Age" and if you're going to listen to this as a form of relaxation it definitely will work.


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