Cassette Review // Derek Piotr "Live on Radio 2018" (humanhood recordings)

Right away there is a lot going on.   An ominous tone has a beat behind it, like a heartbeat, but then are also these sharper beeps coming through with this feeling like reverb.  It's a bit of static but feels like it's being performed on hospital equipment.   Deeper vocal sounds come through, but then higher pitched ones do as well.   The beat just trills.   Water drips now through some static electricity and then it's just an error message type synth.

Voices come through like angels with computer glitches and sounds like gagging.  It feels like we're changing frequencies now, going through the radio, and then it's a succession of beeping like an old Atari game.   That feeling of water/gagging returns and then some blasts come from behind it.   This is all quite interesting because I'm not sure how most of these sounds are being made.   They could be vocally, but I also feel like they're something else.   We go into a slipstream now and then notes with more melody come out.

A lot of electronics now make it feel like we're in space, with the laser blasts and such.   This takes us into the flip side which has these same sort of electronics coming through with beats.  It feels like an electronic skramz.   Then there is also singing behind it all in this very uplifting, heavenly way.   A loud bang comes through like a gunshot but it also feels like an ocean wave washing over everything.  

The sound just comes through with this drone now where it feels like it's taking over everything but also like we're ascending up to Heaven.    Some vocals are trying to sneak through now with some slip static.   That angelic ahhh tone vibe continues and as we get closer to the end this glitched feeling of a vocal note comes through where it feels like someone is trying to tell us something but the message is corrupted in the way that a file might skip or just thinking of it as a hologram like Princess Leia it will flicker.  


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