Cassette Review // The Flesh, Full of Black Sand "Forever. Floating. Forever."

This cassette begins with audio spoken about how we're floating and it says: "The Earth is moving without us".   A synth tone pattern is built up behind a cloud of air and this pattern repeats on a loop.   It feels like we're on a magic carnival ride, but it also feels like it's really windy.   I had to stop this cassette a few times to compare its sound with that of the digital on Bandcamp because I thought maybe my tape deck had issues but it's just this minimal and quiet.  

The sounds can also begin to sound like acoustic guitar notes but I think so far the story of this cassette is how it plays tricks on my ears, making me think something is wrong with either the cassette itself or the way I'm playing it, but I'm having a similar experience when streaming.   And the thing is, everything came through clearly when it was speaking in the beginning so I'm not sure why I became so convinced the cassette or my tape deck was experiencing issues.

A warbly sort of synth sound comes through now on the flip side.  It's more pronounced than what was on the first side, but this is difficult to listen to in the sense that it feels like someone is humming soft melodies in a loud and crowded room.   I can feel the synths coming through in the background like a racetrack now as well.   There is a humming, maybe a buzzing, in here now as well. 

Tones come in with a droning sound now and they feel more clear.   That idea of having this sort of fog hanging over the sound has been lifted and as I reach the end of the cassette- the last few moments- I realize what I was hearing was done on purpose and it just goes to show how the cassette itself can be manipulated into the overall sound of a piece of music.