Comic Book Mixtape #4, January 2024 Pt 2 (ft: Mr. Easta, Elvira In Monsterland, Darkwing Duck, Spy Superb, Pink Panther and TMNT!)


As I post this second mixtape for these comic book issues right now, in January, I've basically planned out that I can do one more CBMT in February, one in March and one in April, leading us right into May for Free Comic Book Day 2024!  

There are also three different series of comic books that I have multiple issues of and just plan on reviewing as one big review.  As I've been doing individual issues of titles in here, I would instead have one review of all of the issues of Elvira in Monsterland story, for example.   So I will definitely keep mixing it up in that way, as sometimes reviews will be like this and other times it could be an entire series in one review.   But at least I know I have a plan, a schedule, going forward.  

Mr. Easta #2 (Kit Wallis) (Scout Comics)

One thing with the artwork and language in this comic book that I discovered might be why I like it so much is because it reminds me of a more violent Invader Zim.    In this second issue, we are taken back in time to see a story of Mr. Easta went to school at a young age to become a killer and had a best friend named Bob.

As we come back into the present, Mr. Easta has too many questions and so it's time to take him out.   Who else would be sent on such a mission than the former best friend (they had a falling out) of Mr. Easta than Bob herself?   The story is building with a lot of moving pieces and with two more issues to go I'm excited to see where it takes us.

Elvira in Monsterland #3 (David Avallone / Kewber Baal) (Dynamite Entertainment)

When we last left Elvira she was in the Werewolf in London movie, about to meet some werewolves.   This issue takes us through a fun run in different movies based on werewolves.  It has the classic Lon Chaney "Wolfman" film, with debate about a wolfman being different from a werewolf.   This issue also unlocked a memory in my brain, as it reminded me of the Michelle Pfeiffer film "Wolf" (1994), which I almost completely forgot existed.

Thinking that this couldn't get much better after unlocking that nugget, we head right into "Teen Wolf", which is just a hilarious interaction as well.  At the end of this third issue, Elvira finds herself in the land of Kaiju and when I first started reading this I imagined Elvira in the midst of classic movie monsters- which she has been- but I never thought it could lead to kaiju.   Elvira vs Godzilla?  Bring it on.  

Darkwing Duck #4 (Amanda Deibert / Cario Lauro) (Dynamite Entertainment)

As we get into the fourth issue of Darkwing Duck, Drake Mallard is fine with not putting the mask back on but only for a few pages.  As Drake tries to fight off Bushroot by himself, he ends up coming out of retirement and then taking down the plant-based villain.

In some weird way the story of these first four issues, which seems to be wrapped up, seemed to focus around Drake Mallard retiring and then coming out of retirement.  Perhaps it shows that this time Darkwing Duck is going to stick around for good and as such this series will continue on for a long time yet to come.  

Spy Superb #2 (Matt Kindt) (Dark Horse Comics)

In this second issue of Spy Superb the plot slowly begins to unfold.   We have the main character who is somewhat of a genius but referred to as a "useful idiot" and he thinks he's the main character.   Meanwhile, he's being tracked down by different people for different reasons.  The plotlines are colliding by the end of this all though and it makes me excited for the third issue.

What I like about this story and how it is expanded in this issue is that the main character is this sort of lucky idiot.   He's maybe not supposed to be the next Spy Superb but he seems to be doing an excellent job at it anyway.  It's kind of like Mr. Bean but also this guy is just more annoying because he talks and wants to be like that "actually" meme in real life.  

Pink Panther #1 (S.A. Check / Chris Carter) (American Mythology)

I definitely didn't realize this was from 2016 when I picked it up, but that doesn't really seem to change the fact that it's still funny.   There are several small stories told within this one issue.  At first, The Pink Panther is at a kids birthday party and has to figure out what kind of balloon animals they want.   Then there is a fly in the soup restaurant gag that I didn't get.

The longest story in here involves The Pink Panther being unknowingly taken hostage after a bank is robbed and on his way to Mexico.   These are such fun little stories but they also just remind me of what The Pink Panther cartoon was like to watch growing up.  It's just good clean humor and I like it.  

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Splintered Fate (Henry Barajas / Pablo Verdugo) (IDW Publishing)

Just to show how out of touch I am with things- but am taking steps to become more in touch with them- this comic book is a one shot which apparently is the lead in to a video game of the same name.   Now, this video game is available from the Apple Store, so it's for mobile devices like your iPhone or an iPad.   I didn't know any of this existed before I got this issue and so when I read it and it said at the end to be continued in a video game I thought that was kind of neat.

This story involves Splinter being taken through a time portal and now the Turtles must go through the portal themselves to get him back.   This comic book issue itself gives the backstory of sorts which leads up to a game which I can download on my phone and based upon how it looks and after reading this issue I'm pretty sure I'm going to be downloading the game as well now.   This was some fine cross-branding.