Music Review //
Ruby Topaz
"Rabbit Hole"

As "Rabbit Hole" begins it has that "Alice In Wonderland" way about it where you can just feel like this is going to be a trippy and psych experience from Ruby Topaz.    Partly reminding me of The Who, there is a strong classic rock vibe throughout this album as well.   "Dream Running" has this ticking, methodical like a clock and it just further reminds me of the white rabbit and how to this whole album is titled.

"You're Still Running" comes in big with that sound like Rush or Coheed but also somehow feels a little bit like Zeppelin.   In many ways I think about bands who came back further in time and then influenced more recent bands as this sounds like Blind Melon as well, which is a nice way to make it somewhat closer to modern but also a nice place to pick up where they left off- turning the past into the future.

We have more of acoustic melodies, more upbeat sounds on "Be My Love" and then "Brand New Love" gets a little bit funky.   "Come Back To Me" has some hints of CCR and then when we get all the way to "How Will I Know" it becomes dreamy in that Buddy Holly type of way.   "To The Top" has a nice drive and even makes me think of Tenacious D and that also brings this classic sound closer to the present.  

One of the most telling things about this album is that Ruby Topaz doesn't just take this one style of classic rock music and use it throughout the entire album.   This feels more like bits and samples of different influences and in the way that doing so can pay tribute to not just one artist from the past but many makes this that much more important to keep that overall sound alive.  


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