Thursday, January 26, 2023

Cassette Review //
Outrage Factor
"nothing ever changes"
(Tetryon Tapes)

Every time I hear a band like Outrage Factor it takes me right back in time to around the year 2000 or so.   There were so many great record labels releasing great punk rock music and more than anything else, Outrage Factor reminds me a bit of Guttermouth- in that hardcore/punk way- and they have always been one of my favorites.  

These songs are fast paced, but slow down for the important parts and kick back in.  There is a nice guitar riff on "Violent and Jacked", so the musicianship should never be questioned here.  Some of these songs are under a minute long but none of them goes past two minutes in length, in true punk rock fashion.

I particularly enjoy the chorus of "I've Got a Vision" which says: "All I trust is what I see and I see it all".   It's important to be aware of what's going on around you and in a punk rock sense I don't think anything is going to change in this country until the working class rises up, works together and realizes that they need us more than we need them.   Once more people see that, once everyone sees that this society can change.

It took a little while, but I feel like in these last few years I've really started to hear more punk rock in the way that it was meant to be- and in that way I heard some twenty years ago.  A band such as Zipper could be an excellent example of this.   As long as we have bands like Outrage Factor making music like this, the legend will live on and for that I am happy.  

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